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One of Evolution Gaming’s best blackjack tables

Do you enjoy the burlesque and lively atmosphere of talk shows? Then you should enjoy Blackjack Party. Thanks to this colorful live concept, you will find your favorite card game while living a fun and crazy moment. All this is provided by loquacious dealers who will spice up your online blackjack games. With this little nugget from Evolution Gaming, blackjack has never been so entertaining.

Overview of this online Blackjack variant

Blackjack Party is an online table game that lives up to its name. These are blackjack games, but accompanied by comic dealers who will do everything to brighten up the atmosphere, in the style of talk shows.

At Blackjack Party, the games are run by a team of dealers, usually consisting of a man and a woman. The game is then punctuated by their comments that blithely flood the players, whether during the distribution of cards, during the actions taken by the players or during the announcement of the results.

A real power duo, they breathe their comical soul into Blackjack Party.

With this concept, Evolution Gaming breaks the serious atmosphere of classic blackjack games. Blackjack Party will appeal to teasing players who like to chat with the dealers and who don’t mind the animation. Unfortunately, the dealers are English-speaking. Those who don’t know English well will only have fun with the music.

In addition to the animation and music, Blackjack Party is an aesthetically pleasing game. The decoration is finely crafted while the interface design is ergonomic. Interesting features are also available, including the ability to have multiple viewing angles.

Blackjack Party rules and betting

As far as the rules are concerned, Blackjack Party stays true to traditional blackjack. The changes have simply been made in terms of what can and cannot be done. For example, the game does not accept the 17 soft (a hand with an Ace that can be worth both 7 and 17) which precludes the dealer from drawing a new card. Doubling is also possible with the first two cards regardless of the total.

Its ultra relaxed space is not the only advantage provided by Blackjack Party. Indeed, it can be said that it is a table accessible to all types of players thanks to a wide range of bets. This starts at 5 euros and is capped at 1000 euros. For a talented player, the payouts can be very substantial. This table also has Bet Behind which accepts smaller bets between 0.5 euro and 100 euro.

Tips for winning at Blackjack Party

Unlike land-based casinos, live table games are not subject to managerial oversight. We can therefore easily use card counting techniques and rely on probability.

A strategy chart is also available on sites dedicated to blackjack. It is a table summarizing the most judicious actions according to your hand. It will simply have to be adapted to the rules of the Blackjack Party.

“Blackjack Party” from Evolution Gaming is a unique take on traditional blackjack that offers a more social and entertaining gaming experience. The tables are run by two croupiers who interact not only with the players but also with each other, creating a party atmosphere.

blackjack party EVOLUTION GAMING

Here is a suitable strategy for playing Blackjack Party:

  1. Learn the Basic Rules : Although Blackjack Party offers a more relaxed atmosphere, the basic rules of blackjack remain the same. Make sure you know them well before playing.
  2. Using Basic Strategy : Basic blackjack strategy is a series of rules that tells you the best action to take (draw, stand, double, split) based on your hand and the dealer’s up card. Even in a party environment like Blackjack Party, using this strategy will maximize your chances.
  3. Budget Management : Set a budget before you start playing and stick to it. The relaxed atmosphere may tempt you to bet more than you intended.
  4. Don’t Take Insurance : Most blackjack strategies advise against taking insurance. The house edge on this bet is generally higher.
  5. Interact with Dealers and Other Players : One of the main attractions of Blackjack Party is its social aspect. Engage in conversation, ask questions and enjoy the experience. However, don’t let distractions distract you from the core strategy.
  6. Use the “Bet Behind” Feature : If all the places at the table are occupied, or if you simply want to observe before you start, you can bet on another player’s hand using the “Bet Behind” option. This allows you to bet on a player you believe has a good strategy or is on a winning streak.
  7. Stay Focused : Despite the festive atmosphere, remember that this is a real money game. Enjoy the interaction and atmosphere, but keep your focus on the game.
  8. Practice : If possible, try playing in demo mode or at lower stakes tables to familiarize yourself with the pace and atmosphere before committing to larger amounts.
  9. Know When to Leave the Table : Whether you’re early or late, set boundaries and know when it’s time to leave the table.

Blackjack Party is designed to be entertaining, so the main goal should be to have fun. However, by following a solid strategy, you can also maximize your chances of winning. Always play responsibly.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions ” Blackjack Party

👁🗨 What is special about a blackjack party table at Evolution Gaming?

If you like a relaxed and lively atmosphere, you can meet the dealer at certain times of the day, accompanied by a host! This combination makes the game very entertaining, comparable to a television show! Read more

🧑🤝🧑 How many players can join a Blackjack Party table?

This table is limited to 7 seats, other users can only bet on the games of the seated players!

🔔 Who is a blackjack party table for?

Especially for beginners, bets range from €5 for seated players and €0.5 for players who make a bet alongside seated players “bet Behind”. Big bettors can bet up to €1000

Are there any side bets on the Blackjack Party table?

Yes, 2 secondary bets are possible: Perfect Pair and 21+3.
– The Perfect Pair can be bet on if the player hits a pair, so he can make a separate bet and increase his chances of winning.
– The 21+3 is an optional side bet used in the game of Blackjack. The bet is based on the combination of 3 cards, using the dealer’s face down card and the player’s initial 2 cards to form a 3 card poker hand. The result of this additional bet has no effect on the Blackjack game and vice versa. A player can win on this bet and lose in Blackjack.

📱 Can we play blackjack party on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets?

yes, Evolution Gaming games are fully compatible with these supports

What is Blackjack Party?

Blackjack Party is a social and interactive version of live blackjack developed by Evolution Gaming. It is distinguished by a festive atmosphere with two dealers running the table simultaneously for more interaction and entertainment.

What is the Bet Behind feature?

“Bet Behind” allows players to bet on another player’s hand at the table. This is useful when all the places are taken or if you just want to bet on someone who is on a winning streak.

How much does a seat at the Blackjack Party table cost?

Minimum and maximum bets may vary between casinos. It is best to check with the online casino where you are playing for specific limits.

How many games can you play in an hour at the Blackjack Party table?

The number of games varies depending on the speed of the dealers and the interactions. However, expect a slightly slower pace than standard blackjack tables due to the fun aspect.

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