Deal or no deal

Deal or no deal

Casino selection: “Deal or no deal” Evolution Gaming

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Dear or no deal is an online casino game that grants players 24 hours of uninterrupted time for thrills and big payouts.

This type of game was created in partnership with Endemol Shine and remains only available from Evolution Gaming . This is a revolutionary game in the world of online casinos and is undoubtedly a first for the provider.

Deal or no deal takes it to a whole new level and creates suspense unlike any other online casino game. Its configuration offers several levels and allows everyone to access it. In addition, three levels of Game Play make the main game more enjoyed by players.

How to play Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal is a game from Evolution Gaming that was created with the famous shrine Endemol. Several developers have tried to design a live show variant of this game, but the result is unconvincing. However, the Deal or No Deal provider doesn’t have many developers and this product is still the best of anything currently being created. It offers tantalizing excitement and suspense for 24 hours a day, not to mention the big winnings that can be pocketed while playing.

As far as production values are concerned, this game is much better than any similar game available online. Deal or no deal is shot via modern studios of the supplier.

This game is presented by a live main host and hostess who conducts the main game professionally and impeccably. Their mission is to open the briefcases, communicate with the banker and accompany the players.

The game also features the online chat section, which is, as regular players know, a very useful feature. With this option, players can easily share their collective strategies on how to approach the banker’s offer.

Furthermore, all products created by Evolution Gaming are regulated by appropriate and reputable organizations. Indeed, Deal or no deal also benefits from this authorization and legitimacy. The bodies that make it legitimate are the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission.

Deal or No Deal Live” game features

Deal or no deal live is a game that is divided into 3 segments. In the first, players spin a 3-reel chest in order to qualify for the game. In option two or the reload round, players have the opportunity to increase the prize money in the briefcases they have selected. And finally, in the third segment, you’ll find that this is where the magic happens. Players predict whether the amount available in the briefcases is greater than what was offered by the banker.

The main show Deal or No Deal has 16 identical briefcases on the outside and their distribution is random. The numbers are revealed as these little trunks are opened. The banker offers a cash amount in exchange for what the player has in his briefcase. That’s when the host asks the player the famous question: “Deal or no deal?

What are the steps to participate in the Deal or No Deal game from Evolution Gaming

Deal or No Deal is broken down into several layers which provide access to qualification with the aim of achieving increasingly significant gains! Let’s see together the different phases of the rise to earnings

1. Step: Access the qualification

The aim of this stage is to access the higher round and therefore to first place a bet of between 10 cents and €100. The higher your bet, the greater the amount in the briefcase, so it is wise to apply a betting strategy to win the most money. Participants in the game will then be able to turn the wheel to align the segments of the chest to open.

2. Step: Choose the case number

For approximately 90 seconds, you have the opportunity to increase the value of the amount of a few briefcases by spinning the wheel. You will then have to choose the number of the case you wish to keep without knowing its contents.

3. Step: Starting the game

The game begins with the intervention of a presenter who invites you to participate and presents the different closed cases with unknown contents. A series of 3 briefcases is opened, which causes the amounts they contain to disappear on your screen. The host then invites you to make your bet, you then have ten seconds to accept or not the opening of the last closed cases “Deal or No Deal”

4. Step: Make the right decision

In this basic game, 2 possibilities are offered “accept or refuse” to open the briefcase to gain its contents. In the first case, you accept, then the contents of the briefcase belong to you and the game ends, in the second case, you refuse, the game continues until the last two remaining briefcases. You leave with the contents of the last selected briefcase

What about video performance?

Deal or no deal is broadcast live and in full HD. It is made up of 3 segments: a live studio segment and two other RNGs before it. The live segment uses multiple cameras to film from all angles. This option allows for an immersive gaming experience and players will feel like they are themselves in the studio.

For the RNG segments that lead into the studio, their quality is mind-blowing. The trunk features 3 rollers that resemble a slot, while the charging tower features a super realistic wheel. As the game is based on 3 different segments, but which work perfectly together, smooth gameplay is difficult to achieve.

Evolution Gaming goes out of its way to ensure that the game is smooth and convenient, regardless of its features. Indeed, players do not feel any difficulty when switching from one game segment to another.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Deal or No Deal Live”

What is Evolution Gaming’s “Deal or No Deal”?

“Deal or No Deal” is an online adaptation of the popular game show of the same name. Brought to you by Evolution Gaming, this live game gives players the chance to win cash prizes by choosing suitcases and negotiating with the banker.

How to play “Deal or No Deal”?

The game begins with a qualifying phase, where players must spin a wheel to align the golden segments. Once qualified, players enter the main phase of the game, choose suitcases and receive offers from the banker.

What is the qualification phase?

The qualifying phase determines whether a player can participate in the main game. Players bet an amount to spin a wheel, attempting to align the segments. They can buy realignments to increase their chances.

How are the banker’s offers determined?

The banker’s offers are based on the amounts remaining in unopened suitcases. The higher the amounts left in the game, the higher the banker’s offer will generally be.

🎯How much can you win on Deal or No Deal?

You can win from 75 to 500 times the amount of our bet, your bet can vary from 0.1 € to 900 € per game

❣️What is the redistribution rate of Deal Or No Deal casino game?

In 2021, it is approximately 95.6 %.

Can I play “Deal or No Deal” for free for practice?

Most live games, including Deal or No Deal, require real money wagering. However, some casinos may offer demos or trials.

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