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Everything you need to know about live online casino – live online casino tables with “live dealer”.

LIVE CASINO is simply an online casino that transmits real games in instant play via cameras connected to the Internet. Many players are passionate about traditional games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and even Poker. They love “live dealer” tables, where every player from home has the feeling of playing at a real table in a land-based casino!

Playing at a live table, the best feeling online

With cameras filming the games live, Internet users are no longer isolated, a real interactivity is created between player and casino. The dealer’s animation is the unique touch to bet like in a “land-based casino”. Communication is smooth thanks to the quality of the online casino video streams. For example, the number of participants for live roulette is really unlimited.

Players can exchange their feelings through the chat network. Unlike land-based gambling establishments, live casinos are never closed, and customers can play 24 hours a day at the various live tables available.

However, compared to the games in the real establishments, the staff is less important, because the software manages the phases of the bets, the winnings. Since the players are not present at the tables, there are no possible conflicts, no cheating, the games are faster.

The live casino is profitable, this solution allows to combine fun and integrity of play, this is a key aspect on the Internet.

Which Casinos with Live Dealers

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Online casinos offer a variety of live games, also called live casino games

The main casino games are now available on the internet in live versions and even in tablet and smartphone versions. Not all online casinos offer the same providers and games. Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and then Live Baccarat are the most popular tables for online players. Then we notice that the Holdem Poker which comes in fourth place in the live games.

Since 2013, we have seen the arrival of Craps, Punto Banco but also versions of Lotto, the wheel of fortune and Keno live . It’s hardly surprising that these much-loved games are now available.

Roulette and Blackjack are still the most popular games for players. These two games are still the most played, in the USA, Craps is very popular, in Asia Sic Bo is the reference game…

Roulette table with live dealer

live roulette table

Roulette is the game where chance alone asserts its authority. During the game, you’ll watch the croupier spin the wheel in the same way as in a land-based casino. The live roulette features a cylindrical wheel and a small ball that are, well, real. There’s also a live croupier in charge of running the game.

You can play roulette directly from your computer and all casinos will offer you at least one traditional version of roulette whether it is French, European or American roulette. But nowadays there are many versions that are very advantageous for the player (Double Ball Roulette, Zero Roulette, Small Stakes Roulette etc.) everything is done to attract online players and bring them new sensations.

A number of suppliers offer live games featuring live lotteries inspired by TV game shows such as Lotto or Wheel of Fortune, while certain board games such as Monopoly are also presented by live hosts to the delight of Internet users!

What about live casino poker?

live poker casino

Live poker tables are very popular with online players, and unlike some land-based casinos, there is a wide choice of variants of this game available online: Carribean Stud Poker, 2 Hand Holdem, Texas Hold’em, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Live 3 Card Poker or Side Bet City from publisher Evolution Gaming…

In these versions of poker, a dealer will lead the draws for each variant offered. In this live poker the player faces mainly the “house”: the casino. The strategy is less dominant but the pace of the game is much higher. In this configuration, the winnings can be much faster and even more impressive as jackpot poker is active!

Baccarat Tables Live

The principle of this game is simple: get closer to 9 points with 2 or 3 cards. You can bet on your own game or that of the dealer. Like the baccarat tables in land-based casinos, live baccarat can be played solo or by several players in a single game. The variants available online range from different game speeds to low-commission variants and the option of turning over the cards at any time (‘Squeeze Baccarat’). All these possibilities combine to create unique opportunities and an exciting gaming atmosphere.

Live Blackjack Table

blackjack table live

If blackjack is your game of choice and you’d like to play it in a live casino, you’ll be delighted to know that blackjack tops the list of the most popular games. If you choose to try your hand at this game, you’ll be playing against other players rather than just the dealer, just as you would in a land-based casino.

Would you like to learn the rules and strategies before playing? If so, check out our guides to blackjack rules and strategies to learn more about the game!

If you have ever played Blackjack in a physical casino, you will have no trouble playing Live Blackjack online from your computer. In fact, just like in classic Blackjack, you will have to position yourself in one of the 07 seats at the table and play your hand when your turn comes.

In order to take into account the distance between the different players (who do not necessarily play at the same online casino), a maximum amount of time is allowed for placing bets and making related decisions. Furthermore, while the usability and form of the game may vary slightly depending on the casino chosen, the principles of the game and the size of the shoe remain unchanged.

The game of Live Dealer Blackjack usually has an 8 deck shoe that is associated with one half of the shoe. In addition, the dealer will have to make a Stand on all his hands of value 17, soft or not.

Humor & Live Dealer Availability:

Live Casino Table

If you find it difficult to go to a land-based casino, the live tables are a great alternative. The time slots and game variants are numerous and meet the expectations of all players.

Unlike land-based casinos where the opening of a table is conditioned by the number of players, online access is unrestricted by time and means. The minimum and maximum bets are much more extensive.

Players have the opportunity to play in rooms located in different countries around the world: Malta, Italy, United States, Ireland, England, Romania, Georgia, Latvia.

With one click, you can change the table at will, according to your preferences and feeling. So you will appreciate the plasticity, the availability and the humour of the different croupiers who animate the tables in live. All of this flexibility makes the live game particularly attractive but also addictive.

History of the first live casino

Over the years, major technological developments have led to the emergence of online casinos. In the early 90’s, these casinos started to broadcast their services on the web, a revolutionary event in the gambling world. Their advent has allowed many software companies to develop a wide range of casino games (slots, roulette, baccarat …)

Global giants such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have taken the initiative to design games that are both attractive and user-friendly. The breathtakingly sophisticated graphics of the games have resulted in an increase in the number of online casinos.

Nowadays, online casinos have introduced live dealers to enhance the appeal of their respective sites and amplify the gaming experience. Live casinos are also favored by skeptics who prefer the intervention of a real dealer rather than automated computer software. This is one of the reasons why an increasing number of players are turning to the convenience of a live casino.

“Casino LIVE” Frequently Asked Questions

What is a live dealer game?

A game with a live dealer from an online casino is a game filmed and animated in real time by casino staff. This so-called ‘Live’ technology uses “streaming” technology, accredits the integrity of the games, which therefore ensures their online success. There are several types of game with croupiers and croupiers who are present in specialized studios or land-based casinos offering this function to their customers who live this experience while staying at home and without the constraints of a land-based casino.

What are the main recognized live casino publishers?

The main players operate in countries where the cost of labour is lower and where operating licences allow them to welcome many customers. They can be found in Costa Rica, Malta, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and even in London. Lucky Streak, Authentic Gaming, Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Live, Betgames, Ebet, Vivo Gaming, Liw Loto, Visionary Igaming and Asia Gaming

‍⚕️ What tips for playing at a live casino?

Generally speaking, the live gaming rooms remain very efficient, you have the possibility to have visibility on the history of the draws and to place bets with very low stakes (0.10 ct) as well as very high stakes in private VIP rooms. We advise you to avoid the new casinos offering live games, to check the conditions of the games and the publisher who guarantees the integrity of the games.

⚠️ Are the live casino tables rigged?

This is a recurring question asked by online players who have already tried software, rest assured, the games have integrity and are controlled by international organizations, the draws are truly random

Can you easily withdraw your money from live casinos?

There are many ways to pay, some casinos offer anonymous payments via the use of crypto currency or cryptocurrency casinos. Payments, withdrawals are virtually instantaneous with the right casino.

Can play at a live casino in all languages?

There are many sites that offer live music, but not all of them are authorized. Indeed, some countries have their own legislation and prohibit online casinos. The materials are often in English, but many casinos offer translations in many languages. Depending on the gaming license of the live casino, players from certain countries are not accepted. We invite you to be vigilant, orient yourself towards live casinos with a good reputation.

Can I play live dealer casino games on my mobile phone?

Casino live téléphone

Yes, it is possible to play live games that are compatible for smartphones with Android or Iphones with IOS, but you will notice that they require a lot of resources, your connection must be stable and have a high enough speed

Are there any live casinos offering free bonuses?

The vast majority of live casinos offer free access, so you can follow the action live and watch the games. Free bonuses are infrequent, but as a general rule we invite you to refuse them. These generate withdrawal constraints that push players to bet more and more, and take greater risks. On the other hand, you’ll find live casinos on the web that offer cashback: you bet and lose a certain amount, and the live casino credits you with part of your losses … Finally, there are specific casinos that offer unique live games, such as zero-less roulette, roulette tables with double balls, etc. – variations that allow good players to beat the casino. Contests and tournaments are a great way to familiarize yourself with a live casino, as the risks for the player are minor and the rewards not negligible. You’ll be asked to strategize for the long term.

Can we play the bonuses on the live tables without having withdrawal constraints?

Yes, some operators offer this promotion, the bonuses awarded can be played without any wagering requirements, which is extremely rare in the live casino industry

What are the advantages of playing at “Live casino”?

They take players to the frontiers of the real-life gaming experience, allowing them to communicate with dealers via chat, and some players feel much more confident playing in real-life conditions. Playing in a live casino instead of a land-based one has many advantages, especially at a time when the virtuality of the gaming experience offered to online players has joined the realm of reality. Players are also offered the chance to interact with the croupier as well as with other players from diverse backgrounds. After all, what could be better than chatting and interacting with your opponents during a game? Where some players find it difficult to stay focused on the flow of their online games (given that it’s a computer that holds the cards and operates the slot machine), the intervention of live dealers helps to reinforce their attention with a realism hitherto unmatched. In addition to seeing the dealer deal the cards, you’ll have a better grasp of the stakes as the game progresses, and sharper reflexes as the game unfolds. Finally, players who like to smoke no longer have to contend with the prohibitions of land-based casinos. They can play and smoke at the same time.

What are the most popular live dealer games?

In first position, the live roulette tables remain the most popular animations, then the live blackjack associated with many specific variants of live, and finally the live Poker Hold’em tables are also very popular with fans of live games

Are live dealer casinos safe?

Historically, the first online gaming tables used random number generators (RNGs), and some unscrupulous game providers would draw 2 numbers simultaneously to give the online casino a clear advantage. This was known as rigging or draw tampering. With a live game, there’s no such thing as cheating: the draw is made in real time, especially when it comes to filmed tables in real land-based casinos. You can watch players betting on tables in land-based casinos located in Ireland, Malta, Romania, Georgia, Italy, England and the USA. Internet users will notice that these are not pre-recorded game sequences. Finally, gaming licenses and certification bodies validate the random output and thus guarantee the integrity of this online activity with fair and secure gaming (Division of Gaming Enforcement New Jersey (USA), United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (Italy), Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (Spain), Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (USA), Belgium Gaming Commission, Romania National Gambling Office, Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branchu (Canada ), Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of Latvia (Latvia)

♣️ Can you play live casino poker?

Many versions and variants of poker are offered, which makes this game much more attractive than in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos

How do live games work?

The games are hosted by real dealers and broadcast in real time using high definition cameras. Players can place bets, make decisions and interact with dealers through their online interface.

What are the popular games in live casinos?

Popular games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, and various dice or wheel of fortune games.

How are live casino dealers trained?

Live casino dealers are generally trained to the same standards as land-based casino dealers. They are trained to handle games, interact with players and handle tricky situations.

Are live games rigged?

If you play in a licensed and regulated casino, the games are subject to regular testing to ensure their fairness. The equipment used, such as wheels and cards, are regularly inspected.

Are there betting limits in live casino games?

Yes, each table will have minimum and maximum betting limits. These limits may vary by casino and specific game.

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