Bitcoin cash Casinos

bitcoin cash casinos

What can we say about Bitcoin Cash casinos (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) casinos are online gaming platforms that accept Bitcoin Cash as payment.

Here are some key points to better understand these modern casinos:

  1. Cryptocurrency Accepted : These casinos accept Bitcoin Cash, a derivative version of Bitcoin, for deposits and withdrawals, providing a fast and economical alternative to traditional currencies.
  2. Fast Transactions : Thanks to the decentralized nature of BCH, transactions are generally faster compared to traditional payment methods. Deposits and withdrawals can often be completed within minutes.
  3. Low Transaction Fees : Transaction fees with Bitcoin Cash are often lower than those associated with credit cards or bank transfers, which can be beneficial for players and casinos.
  4. Relative Anonymity : BCH transactions offer a certain degree of anonymity as they do not require personal details, although all transactions are recorded on a public blockchain.
  5. Game Selection : Bitcoin Cash casinos offer a wide variety of popular games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and other traditional casino games.
  6. Bonuses and Promotions : Like traditional online casinos, BCH casinos often offer welcome bonuses, free spins, and other promotions to attract and reward players.
  7. Security : Security varies from casino to casino. It is essential to choose well-established and reputable casinos that employ robust security measures to protect players’ funds and information.
  8. Global Accessibility : Bitcoin Cash casinos may be accessible from different regions, although players should always check the legality of online gambling in their respective jurisdiction before registering.
  9. Customer Support : Most BCH casinos offer responsive customer support to help players with any questions or issues they may encounter during their gaming experience.

Bitcoin Cash: What you need to know

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency derived from Bitcoin. In other words, it uses the codes of bitcoin, but provides its own improvement. Quite popular, Bitcoin Cash is nevertheless considered the little brother of bitcoin. It is always compared to the precursor of cryptocurrencies and has had a fairly tumultuous history. Despite everything, it occupies a good place among around a hundred thousand cryptos ( 13th at CoinMarketCap) and displays an acceptable transaction volume. So, what is it really?

Where does bitcoin cash come from?

Bitcoin Cash launched in August 2017 after a fork with bitcoin. It should be noted that the system of managing cryptocurrencies is decentralized. There is no decision-maker to decide what updates to make, what features to add. All changes are voted on by network players such as developers and miners. Once adopted, these changes were accepted by consensus.

Otherwise, developers can choose to apply them to a new blockchain that they will call as they wish. This is how Bitcoin Cash (BCH), like many others, came into being. The change that did not reach consensus was the blockchain’s block size.

Like bitcoin, it aims to provide a secure, fast and low-cost peer-to-peer payment method.

What are the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash?

The differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are mostly technical. They concern the size of the blocks. A block on the bitcoin network is limited to 1MB to prevent it from being too large for modest users. A block can only handle about 1000 transactions. But as time goes on, bitcoin transactions become more and more numerous, so they take time and then cost more. Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, increased the block size by 8MB and then 32MB. The network is then able to process 10 times more transactions.

For the average user, the difference is felt in the speed and cost of transactions. But the misunderstandings surrounding the two currencies do not end there.

Does owning bitcoins automatically get you Bitcoin Cash?

Not quite. Only some users were able to take advantage of it. Indeed, only those with Bitcoin (BTC) before the 2017 fork were paid the equivalent balance in Bitcoin Cash.

This is because Bitcoin’s blockchain program is searchable by everyone. To create a new cryptocurrency, you then simply take it back and add your enhancements. But for the whole thing to hold together, it has to be supported by a network of computers. So Bitcoin Cash decided to keep the transaction history and everyone with tokens on the original chain gets equivalent tokens. Since the fork occurred at block 478558, all previous transactions are maintained. Hence the balance in automatic BCH. The process also has the advantage that units can be put into circulation very quickly.

What is Bitcoin Cash worth?

Like all the crypto-currencies that followed after bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is not as valuable as it was. Since the beginning of 2021, its value has been around 400 euros. The exact current prices can be found on reference sites such as CoinMarketCap. Generally speaking, Bitcoin Cash is considered to be quite stable. The highest value reached by Bitcoin Cash is about 4000 euros. The feat dates back to December 2017.

But away from stock market considerations, is bitcoin cash profitable? More or less, because it is moderately accepted in practical life. Performing well, but dominated by Bitcoin and Ether, it is somewhat less common in the currencies accepted by businesses. However, it is one of the virtual currencies recently adopted by Rakuten. Many online services already accept it: Blockchain Poker, Menufy or eGifter.

How do I get Bitcoin Cash?

Cryptocurrencies are all obtained in two different ways: buying and mining.

  • Buy Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is purchased on exchange platforms. Fiduciary currencies (“fiat”) are exchanged for Bitcoin Cash. Depending on the platform, it is possible to exchange euros or dollars from a credit card or bank transfer.

Novices will prefer reference platforms like Coinbase , but other options exist: Kraken, eToro, Gemini or Uphold. Individuals also sell balances in BCH. To store the balance, you must create a wallet. Fortunately, Bitcoin Cash is accepted by many of them: Keep Key, Trezor, or even Coinbase Wallet. A more complete list is available on his site.

Which Bitcoin Cash Casino to choose?

There are online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, but do not accept withdrawal. Here we highlight the “ Pure Crypto Casino ” Casino which accepts payment and withdrawal anonymously. Furthermore, the security of the cryptocurrency gives the casino the possibility of paying the player in a few minutes, in record time, hence the interest of Dogecoin Casinos!

PUR Crypto Casinos

  • Mining bitcoin cash

To mine is to participate in the creation of money, by creating and consolidating new blocks. The task is rewarded in Bitcoin Cash. It requires a lot of computing power and therefore an ultra-powerful computer that far exceeds conventional desktop computers. Adding up the cost of materials and electricity, mining is a difficult undertaking, especially without much technical knowledge. Competition also makes mining less profitable.

Things to remember about Bitcoin Cash

With its tumultuous beginnings and lackluster reception from cryptocurrency actants, bitcoin’s “little brother” nonetheless has strengths, as well as weaknesses:

  • Fast and cheaper transactions: Bitcoin Cash processes ten times more transactions than bitcoin. It also incurs fewer transaction fees.
  • Lower value: worth ten times less than bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is more accessible.
  • More speculative than practical : Bitcoin Cash is increasingly becoming an object of speculation instead of serving as a currency of exchange.

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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Bitcoin Cash casinos”

Why bet on a crypto casino with Bitcoin Cash?

Transactions are instant and secure, fees are low, you are anonymous!

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and how does it differ from Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin. It was created in 2017 to solve the scalability problems that Bitcoin was experiencing. BCH allows faster transactions and lower transaction fees compared to the original Bitcoin.

Are Bitcoin Cash casinos legal?

The legality of Bitcoin Cash casinos depends on the online gambling and cryptocurrency laws in your country. It is always advisable to check local regulations before engaging in online gambling with BCH or any other cryptocurrency.

Are there any bonuses available at Bitcoin Cash casinos?

Yes, many Bitcoin Cash casinos offer bonuses and promotions similar to traditional online casinos. This can include deposit bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs, and more.

What are the advantages of playing at a Bitcoin Cash casino?

Playing at a Bitcoin Cash casino can offer faster transactions, lower transaction fees, a certain level of anonymity, and access to a wide variety of games that may not be available at traditional casinos.

Are all games available at Bitcoin Cash casinos?

Game availability may vary from casino to casino. However, most Bitcoin Cash casinos offer a wide range of popular games like slots, blackjack, roulette, poker, and more.

Are there any fees associated with Bitcoin Cash transactions at casinos?

Transaction fees with Bitcoin Cash are generally very low, but they can vary depending on the casino. It is advisable to check the casino’s fee structure before depositing or withdrawing funds.