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About Kalamba

Kalamba Jackpots slot machines were launched in 2016. Kalamba Games was founded by Steve Culter and Alex Cohen, these two specialists knew how to find the best strategy to hit the mark the first time and carve out a place for themselves in the live casino games market. With outstanding know-how, solid experience in game development and great professionalism, the company has been able to have a good rank among the best online casino game providers.

Kalamba Games is an international provider of online casino games, located in Malta, Krakow and Poland. This company started from nothing to build its empire, which is now one of the most reputable in the online casino games business. It has been able to achieve this success thanks to its founders who are true experts in the world of RMG casinos, B2B operations and B2B products.

Founder Steve Culter was the former COO of Game Desire and Head of Poker for Unibet. Alex Cohen was also COO, but from Game Design at Quickspin, he also developed senior games for IGT.

Kalamba’s core principles have made it a household name in the world of online casino games. If one were to assign a slogan to this platform, it would be “Strive to be greater”. It is through this idea that he illustrates his daily work with the motivation and performance of his teams. Indeed, the company keeps on producing high quality games.

This company is strong due to its continuous innovation, it remains in search of new features and promotional offers. In this case, players are easily engaged, B2C revenues visibly increase and the margin is boosted. Another advantage of Kalamba is that it has a great ability to retain customers while providing a product that is adapted to the demands of the moment with the help of benchmarking “success KPIs”. That’s why Kalamba enjoys a long-term, fruitful relationship.

This desire to build customer loyalty is evident in all the games offered by this supplier. Each game has a system of missions to complete in order to win the jackpot. This option is a source of motivation for players to always finish the game. To experience this, you can try Age of Dragons, a slot with 5 reels and 40 paylines.

It offers free spins, through a system of symbol accumulation on the same column. When the number of symbols is reached, a free spin is offered. You can also opt for Mamoth Case, a game that offers exceptional winnings thanks to numerous multipliers. Winnings can be as high as 1,000x the bet.

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In 2021, this publisher had more than 50 online slot machines translated into more than 30 languages, it is distributed on more than 350 online casino brands. It offers local jackpots .

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Research and implementation of partnerships

Kalamba has been able to develop into a major player in the live casino sector, mainly thanks to the presence of its partners. RB Capital and Vereeni were the first to support Kalamba and believe in his future. These two collaborators offered him important financial support during these early days. In 2017, next comes ORYX Gaming. This partnership has essentially boosted Kalamba’s entry into the world of e-gaming and also gives it quick accessibility to the online casino gaming networks.

At the end of this, the Kalamba group began to make itself known among players. Recently, it entered into a deal with Relax Gaming Group. This allowed it to open up to a much wider audience through several operators and the Silverbullet platform. Kalamba has finally launched one game title every month and plans to increase this stamina to deliver 1.5 games monthly starting in 2019.

Kalamba Games and its Slot Machine Tournaments: A Dynamic and Engaging Gaming Experience

Kalamba Games, recognized for its innovation in the field of online casino games, is particularly distinguished by the organization of slot machine tournaments. These tournaments offer a competitive and exciting dimension to the gaming experience, attracting casual players and slot machine enthusiasts alike.

Unique Features of Kalamba Games Slot Tournaments:

  1. Stimulating Competitiveness : Kalamba Games tournaments transform solitary slot machine play into a competitive experience. Players compete against each other in real time, adding a layer of excitement and adrenaline to the game.
  2. Diversity of Themes and Games : Kalamba Games offers a variety of slots in its tournaments, each with its own unique theme and features. This diversity ensures that each tournament offers a new and refreshing experience.
  3. Attractive Prize Pools : Kalamba tournaments often feature large prize pools, increasing the stakes and appeal for players. These substantial rewards encourage broader participation and more intense competition.
  4. Accessibility and Inclusion : Kalamba Games ensures that its tournaments are accessible to a wide range of players, with varied entry criteria and stake levels, allowing everyone to participate according to their means and experience level.
  5. Integration of Innovative Features : Tournaments often integrate unique features developed by Kalamba, such as win multipliers, free spins, and special challenges, enriching the gaming experience.
  6. Interaction and Community : Tournaments provide a platform for interaction between players, strengthening the feeling of community. Live leaderboards and updates provide a palpable competitive atmosphere.
  7. Fairness and Transparency : Fairness in tournaments is a priority for Kalamba Games. The rules are clearly established and the gaming systems are regularly audited to ensure fair competition for all participants.

Slots tournaments organized by Kalamba Games bring a touch of lively and dynamic competition to the world of online casinos. They not only offer a chance to win great rewards but also a richer and more engaging gaming experience. Whether for the thrill of competition or for the pleasure of playing quality games, Kalamba Games tournaments are an adventure not to be missed for any slots lover.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Kalamba Games

Who is Kalamba Games?

kalamba games logo

Kalamba Games is an online casino game developer. Founded in 2016, the company is known for creating innovative and engaging games, combining high-quality graphics and unique gameplay mechanics.

What types of games does Kalamba Games develop?

Kalamba Games specializes in video slots. Their portfolio includes a variety of themes and styles, from classics to more modern and avant-garde designs.

Where can Kalamba Games games be played?

Kalamba games are available at several online casinos. They collaborate with various gaming platforms to bring their products to a wide audience.

Are Kalamba Games games fair and secure?

Yes, fairness and security are priorities for Kalamba Games. Their games are regularly tested by independent organizations to ensure fairness and compliance with online gaming industry standards.

Does Kalamba Games offer games with progressive jackpots?

Yes, some Kalamba Games games offer progressive jackpots, giving players the chance to win substantial prizes.

Can you play Kalamba Games games for free?

Yes, many online casinos offer the option to play Kalamba games in demo mode, allowing you to try them for free before betting real money.

How does Kalamba Games ensure innovation in its games?

Kalamba Games focuses on innovation by integrating unique features, such as innovative bonus systems, collection mechanics and adjustable volatility levels, to enhance the gaming experience.

Are Kalamba Games games available on mobile?

Yes, Kalamba games are optimized for mobile devices, providing a smooth gaming experience on smartphones and tablets.

Does Kalamba Games offer games in partnership with other developers?

Kalamba Games occasionally collaborates with other development studios to create games, combining expertise and creativity.

How to stay informed about new games and news from Kalamba Games?

To stay informed about the latest releases and news from Kalamba Games, you can follow the company on social media or visit their official website.