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The first online casinos to adopt bitcoin transactions appeared around 2013. Proportionally to the rise of bitcoin, others have followed.

Today, bitcoin casinos have almost become a harmless phenomenon. You can even choose between a bitcoin-only casino and one that offers bitcoin as an additional transaction method.

In these “exclusive” casinos, all transactions are made in thousandths of a bitcoin (mBTC). Whether the player wants to make a deposit, bet during a game or withdraw winnings, everything is done in cryptocurrency.

As a reminder, bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a virtual currency, initially intended to make online transactions without going through intermediaries (banks).

Without physical existence, it is considered very safe. This qualification is not usurped, because its creation itself, plus the protocol that follows, make it an almost inviolable value. Indeed, a complex mathematical equation is submitted to “miners” every 10 minutes, the fastest machine being rewarded with Bitcoins. The others receive bitcoins from all kinds of transactions. These transactions themselves are made possible by the superpower of other machines that will write the transaction signature on the blockchain. The transaction is very secure, as it will take more than half the power of these machines to imagine hacking them.

Bitcoin stocks cannot exceed 21 million units. This limitation, imposing bitcoin as a rare commodity, has helped drive the cryptocurrency’s price up for several years. However, these courses can vary, especially because they are not strictly regulated.

For example, the price of bitcoin saw a very welcome surge when PayPal included it among its payment methods in October 2021. Currently in 2022, the price of bitcoin is around 40,000 euros, making it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. If the figure makes one dream, one should not forget that it could devalue very quickly, as in 2018 when its price was divided 4 times its value at the time.

Which bitcoin casinos should I choose?

There are online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, but do not accept withdrawals. Here we highlight the “ Pure Crypto Casino ” Casino which accepts payment and withdrawal anonymously. Furthermore, the security of the cryptocurrency gives the casino the possibility of paying the player in a few minutes, record time!

PUR Crypto Online Casinos

Distinguishing a casino that accepts bitcoin from a pure bitcoin casino

To distinguish these two types of casinos, you have to look at their services. Very good casinos offer bitcoin as one of the possible solutions to a deposit. To make withdrawals, you will have to return to more “traditional” payment methods. They still include the existence of an intermediary with all the probable complications. In addition, the obligation to provide proof of identity removes all the “anonymous” nature of the thing.

On the other hand, a pure bitcoin casino accepts deposits and withdrawals in bitcoin. Bets are also made using this virtual currency. This is all done without having to provide personal data (although a specialist can trace transactions on the blockchain). In addition to being secure, payments are also paid very quickly.

As on any online gaming platform, registration is done with an email address and a password. Some casinos even allow you to increase the security of your account by allowing two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator. This is the case of Bitcasino which has a well-stocked game catalog, obtained from various providers including Evolution Gaming.

How to make a bitcoin deposit at an online casino that accepts bitcoin

To make a bitcoin deposit at an online casino, just follow a few easy steps.

Once a member of the casino, the player has a “cashier” area. He’ll find a bitcoin address there. This address is easily recognizable because it is an improbable sequence of letters and numbers. Once this address is copied, the player goes to his bitcoin wallet to make the transfer by pasting it into the “Send” area.

The player must have a bitcoin wallet beforehand. To do this, there are many solutions to create one. The website, for example, has over 31 million users worldwide. The best part is that it offers a French version.

With a wallet, the player is assured of highly secure transactions in addition to being able to make instant bitcoin purchases. The fees are around 3% if the purchase is made by credit card. If the player has a Skrill or Neteller account, these drop to 1%.

The player now has the option of funding his casino account with bitcoin. These are debited in millibitcoin, abbreviated mBTC. One bitcoin is equivalent to 1000 mBTC.

The advantages of bitcoin for online gambling

Why choose bitcoin over other transaction methods at online casinos? This is a natural and fairly obvious question for any virtual casino player. Two main points can be made in response:

  • Transactions are very secure

This has been one of the main pillars of bitcoin since its inception in 2010. It has been specially created to carry out very secure transactions without going through traditional intermediaries (banks). Indeed, these presented many disadvantages: risk of fraud and hacking, transmission of personal and sensitive data and other abuses of all kinds. By using bitcoin for transactions, the player takes advantage of its almost unbreakable protocol and anonymity. No credit card data to type in, no unfortunate bank transactions.

  • Convenient alternatives to credit cards and online wallets

Online payment solutions are legion. From the 2000s onwards, online wallets such as Skrill have emerged as a substitute for payment cards. However, there are soon restrictions, including country restrictions. Bitcoin, on the other hand, knows no barriers. It is a self-regulating system not subject to any authority.

  • Low cost transactions

Unlike many other methods, bitcoin transfer fees are relatively low. On, for example, they are around 0.25%.

Although not under any authority, the transfer requires a fee. They are, in fact, owned by the “miners” who provide the superpower of their machines to carry out and validate the transactions.

If you particularly enjoy using cryptocurrencies, other alternatives come back cheaper. Casinos accept several other of these cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, a derivative of bitcoin, and Ether, the second most widely used cryptocurrency. These include mBIT and Fortune Jack.

  • Discreet transactions

Players who value their privacy will be particularly pleased with the freedoms induced by bitcoin transactions. In the traditional way, transactions require the provision of identification and other proof of the person’s identity. Bitcoin, on the other hand, does not bother with such procedures. To make a deposit, bet or withdraw winnings, the player only needs an email address and a password. In addition, this discretion means that the player does not have to give out their contact information, and can easily avoid being harassed by advertisers.

On the casino side as well, using bitcoin simplifies a lot of things. The procedural manners imposed by the traditional means of payment have become obsolete. Casinos are no longer required to screen player data before accepting a deposit or withdrawal. This change implies another advantage: speed.

  • Relatively fast transactions

Without controls and procedures, it is easy to assume that pure bitcoin casinos are capable of fast transfers. This is a relative statement. Depending on network congestion, a bitcoin transaction can take several dozen minutes. A casino that is able to complete its transfers in less than 30 minutes is considered “fast”. Among them are Bitstarz, mBit and Bitcasino.

  • Cheating-free casinos with Provably Fair technology

Rebalance the forces between the player and his casino? This is what Provably Fair makes possible. This technology is a feature of some pure bitcoin casinos: it is unavailable on online casino platforms and impossible to implement in land-based casinos. Its strength is that it gives the player some semblance of leeway. With it, the player can check the fairness of his game, whether it is a card draw, a slot machine or a card draw. At the moment it is found in very few pure bitcoin casinos and only covers a limited number of games. However, this is a very good guarantee of transparency.

Weaknesses of bitcoin casinos

While bitcoin casinos have some definite advantages, there are also some disadvantages. As far as minor embarrassments are concerned, one can only note the language barrier. There are few French-speaking bitcoin casinos, even though fans of live table games are used to English-speaking dealers. There is also the issue of betting. With 1 bitcoin being equivalent to more than €30,000, a bet of 1 mBTC would be equivalent to more than €30. With bitcoin experiencing many increases, casinos like have been forced to offer minimum bets at 0.10 mBTC to get closer to 1 euro.

We also encounter some significant problems:

  • Too many recent pure bitcoin casinos

The number of new pure bitcoin establishments is constantly increasing. It becomes difficult to separate the reliable platforms from the others. With the wrong choices, players can easily never see the color of their winnings. Fortunately, forums such as allow you to make an opinion about bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin casino players are also an active base of internet users to rely on. However, a player looking for a good casino can always rely on industry leaders such as Bitstarz, Bitcasino and mBit, whose long-standing experience and reliable service have kept players happy for almost a decade.

  • Bitcoin is very volatile

The price of bitcoin experiences very significant ups and downs in short periods of time. This state of affairs forces players to remain very cautious, especially when managing their portfolio. Reputedly less volatile cryptocurrencies exist, but they are not yet accepted by casinos. Perhaps we can wait for a more stable currency, such as Facebook’s Libra expected from 2020.

Buy bitcoin easily

Want to play in a pure bitcoin casino? but you’d have to have bitcoins. Here’s what you need to know to get into the world of cryptocurrency and build your own wallet without much trouble.

Where to buy bitcoins?

If you don’t mine your own bitcoin, you will have to buy some. Buying bitcoin was once done at exorbitant prices. Thanks to competition, prices have fallen to more moderate values. Buying bitcoin can now be done on dedicated platforms for competitive fees. Thus, on, these fees are 3% for 100 euros. In practical terms, you build up your wallet by buying bitcoins from your usual payment card. Your credit card will do. The procedures are very simple, because everything is done on the platform you choose.

Comparison of platforms for buying bitcoins

Several sites are references in the cryptocurrency sector with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • : It is a platform with excellent services. The security of the accounts is very appreciable, because the owner has the possibility of using two-factor authentication. Very discreet, the platform only carries out identity verification beyond the first 100 euros of purchases. Lately, its recent partnership with the Danish company Coinify allows it to offer very competitive fees that are only valid in Europe. Currently, this platform is trusted by 30 million users.
  • Coinbase . com : it is the American leader in bitcoin purchases. Available in French, it nevertheless has the disadvantage of high costs.
  • Kraken . com : this is a platform not recommended if you are just starting out. Very sure, purchases by cards are impossible there. It only accepts SEPA transfers, but with fees below 0.20%.
  • Binance, Etoro, ZenGo, Ledger see our Crypto Purchase comparisons

Frequently Asked Questions BITCOIN CASINOS

What is a Bitcoin casino?

A Bitcoin casino is an online gaming platform that accepts Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. This allows players to deposit and withdraw funds anonymously, quickly and without additional fees.

Why play at a casino that accepts crypto currencies?

Transactions are ultra fast and secure and player transactions are anonymous

What is the difference between Casino Bitcoin and Pure Bitcoin?

In general, PUR Bitcoin casinos allow “deposit and withdrawal” transactions instantly.

Is it legal to play at a Bitcoin casino?

The legality of Bitcoin casinos varies depending on local gambling and cryptocurrency laws. It is recommended to check your country’s regulations before engaging in online gambling with Bitcoin.

How can I deposit Bitcoins at an online casino?

To deposit Bitcoins into a casino, you will need a Bitcoin wallet. After choosing a casino that accepts Bitcoin, you will follow their deposit process which will include sending BTC from your wallet to the casino’s deposit address.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Secure?

As with all online casinos, security depends on the platform in question. Choose a casino with a good reputation, which uses robust encryption software and which is regulated by recognized authorities.

Can I play anonymously at a Bitcoin casino?

Yes, one of the benefits of playing at a Bitcoin casino is anonymity. However, some casinos may request basic identification information for regulatory reasons.

Do Bitcoin Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Yes, many Bitcoin casinos offer bonuses similar to what you would find at a traditional online casino, such as deposit bonuses, free spins, etc.

Do I have to pay taxes on my Bitcoin casino winnings?

Taxation of Bitcoin casino winnings depends on your country’s tax jurisdiction. It is recommended that you consult a tax advisor to understand your obligations.

Do Bitcoin Casinos Have Deposit and Withdrawal Limits?

Deposit and withdrawal limits vary from casino to casino. Some Bitcoin casinos offer very flexible limits, while others may have more restrictive limits.

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