Bonus crypto casino

Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit at

The bonus is awarded once the wagering requirements have been met. You can withdraw the bonus once it has been awarded, with no additional conditions!

Sports betting is not eligible for the bonus and does not contribute to the wagering requirements.

Receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit with a total reward of up to 50,000 micro-bitcoins, 10,000 milli-litecoins, 3,000 dogecoins, 200 milli-ethereum, 1,000 USDT/USDC, 20,000 TRX, 2,000 XRP, and 90,000,000 Shiba Inu.

The deposit bonus can only be activated once with your initial deposit.

Once you have made your deposit, you will receive a bonus offer. You have 7 days to claim the bonus and 30 days to complete it.

To complete your deposit bonus, you must wager an amount equivalent to 80 times the value of your total deposit.

The maximum stake to contribute to the bonus is set at 1,000 micro-bitcoins, 500 milli-litecoins, 20 dogecoins, 10 milli-ethereum, 10 USDT/USDC, 200 TRX, 20 XRP, and 90,000 Shiba Inu.

If you exceed the maximum bet, the amount bet will be capped at the maximum amount allowed.

Additional deposits and/or withdrawals will not cancel the bonus.

Live dealer games, table games and special games are excluded from the bonus. The full list of included games will be available in the bonus offer.

Example: If you deposit 10,000 µ₿, you will receive a bonus of 10,000 µ₿ once you have wagered a total of 800,000 valid µ₿.

Rakeback & Cashback In addition to other bonuses, Betplay also offers a return on your bets:

Daily rakeback: every day, a portion of the amount bet is returned to you. The more you bet, the more you get. Daily rakeback will be automatically credited to your balance each day.

10% weekly cashback: every week, 10% of losses are refunded. Weekly cashback is credited automatically every Thursday around 13:00 UTC. Cashback is activated at the VIP Bronze I level.

You must have reached at least VIP Bronze I level to activate rakeback and cashback. Higher VIP levels increase the share reimbursed.

Refund percentages are not fixed and vary according to numerous parameters such as bet size, game type, VIP level, etc. Sports betting and games with live dealers are excluded from weekly cashback.

General terms and conditions apply.

VIP levels By betting, you’ll progress to the next VIP level. VIP levels offer bonuses such as free spins and cash drops, while increasing the return value of rakeback and cashback.

You can check your VIP level, progress and benefits by level in the profile menu under “VIP level”.