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🔱 Which Ethereum Casinos to choose?

Known as the cryptocurrency that closely follows the unbeatable bitcoin, Ethereum has a much more complex vision than the very first cryptocurrency. Launched in 2015, Ethereum is a blockchain system that serves as the basis for creating various decentralized online services, including applications. The cryptocurrency is Ether (ETH) and it is mainly used as currency in exchanges and services induced by the Ethereum blockchain. Wrongly, the name Ethereum is increasingly used to designate its currency.

There are online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies, but do not accept withdrawal. Here we highlight the “ Pure Crypto Casino ” Casino which accepts payment and withdrawal anonymously. Furthermore, the security of the cryptocurrency gives the casino the possibility of paying the player in a few minutes, in record time, hence the interest of Dogecoin Casinos!

Ethereum VS bitcoin

Both Ethereum and Bitcoin use the blockchain system. They have, among other things, the same specificities. Monetary creation is done by mining, transactions are validated by the network and registered on the blockchain. And so on. It is the vision that differs. Bitcoin was created as a currency allowing you to pay online securely without relying on a traditional intermediary.

The Ethereum blockchain, in addition to allowing payments using Ether, has quite advanced features. They are made possible by the system’s ability to enable smart contracts developed by the users themselves. Thus, the platform is a conglomeration of small programs that uses Ether as a transaction currency.

When it comes to technology, the two entities take different paths. But in practice, the differences lie in the speed of transactions, the characteristics of mining, the prices and even the associated services.

What are the advantages of playing at a casino that offers Ethereum?

Casinos that accept Ethereum as payment offer several advantages due to the unique characteristics of this blockchain. Here are some advantages:

  1. Fast Transactions: Transactions made with Ethereum are generally faster than those made with traditional currencies or even other cryptocurrencies.
  2. Low Transaction Fees: Ethereum tends to have lower transaction fees compared to traditional banking transactions or transactions with other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.
  3. Anonymity: Although anonymity is not complete, Ethereum offers a higher degree of anonymity compared to traditional payment methods.
  4. Security: The Ethereum blockchain is secure and encrypted, making transactions very safe.
  5. No Exchange Fees: For those playing from countries with weak currencies, using Ethereum eliminates exchange fees that may apply with other currencies.
  6. Transparency: Thanks to blockchain technology, all transactions are recorded and can be verified, allowing for complete transparency.
  7. Global Access: Ethereum provides access to online casinos anywhere in the world, without banking or currency exchange restrictions.
  8. Smart Contract Technology: Some casinos use Ethereum’s smart contract technology to automate processes such as paying out winnings, which can lead to greater fairness and transparency.
  9. Exclusive Innovations and Games: Ethereum enables innovations in the online gaming industry, including exclusive blockchain-based games that are not available on traditional platforms.
  10. Growing Adoption: With the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies, playing at a casino that accepts Ethereum may be a wise choice for the future.

All of these benefits make Ethereum casinos an attractive option for players interested in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. However, it is important to note that regulations regarding the use of cryptocurrencies in online gaming can vary from country to country, so it is always good to check the legality and regulations in your jurisdiction before starting. to play.

Smart contracts, Gas and Ether

These terms often come up when we start to take a close interest in Ethereum. Concretely, an average user without any inclination to program only has to worry about it to a lesser extent.

Smart contracts are small computer programs based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are supposed to facilitate certain operations. They act automatically according to an already written pattern when certain criteria are met, hence the “contract”. In the eyes of a user, it is a small piece of software with an interface as familiar as a wallet.

These are the famous Dapps, decentralized applications. For example, a Dapp allows you to borrow Ether. The transaction can only be carried out if the applicant meets certain defined criteria, such as having owned a wallet for a given time. Ether is the currency of exchange to benefit from Dapp services. Gas refers to transaction fees. This is an almost negligible unit of Ether.

Obtain Ether

As a good self-respecting cryptocurrency, Ether is obtained by mining. An algorithm emits complex calculations that miners try to solve using the power of their computer via mining software. Whoever succeeds is rewarded in Ether. Currently, this reward is 5 ETH. However, mining requires high-performance hardware, especially as the difficulty of the calculations increased further towards the start of 2021. In addition to the depreciation of this equipment, you will have to plan for a huge electricity bill.

You can also acquire Ether by purchasing them on exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Binance or Kraken. In other words, you will have to exchange another currency for Ether. This could be euros, dollars or another cryptocurrency. If the world of cryptocurrencies is known to be discreet, these platforms carry out rigorous identity checks.

Spend Ether and invest

The principle of a currency is to use it in one way or another. True to its origin, Ether is used to offer the services of hundreds of dapps developed by the Ethereum community. Very varied, these concern diverse fields such as online games (Dark Forest), finance (PoolTogether, Oasis, Uniswap), art (Foundation) or even technology.

The popularity of this cryptocurrency, often nicknamed “bitcoin challenger”, means that it is possible to use it as payment with more and more offline and online merchants, such as web hosts.

Those who want to make money can also invest in Ether. Delicate operation which involves risks. Many blogs on trading remind us: an amount invested is an amount that we expect to never see again and we should only invest what we can afford to lose. Ether (ETH) is very volatile, as it experiences ups and downs. Currently, the price of Ether is around 1600 euros.

What to remember about Ethereum and Ether

Both the Ethereum network and Ether have enormous potentials which make its cryptocurrency a successful unit in the medium.

  • Mining cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin : using blockchain technology, Ether and bitcoin are similar in terms of mining and its level of difficulty. However, the addition of new blocks to Ethereum will soon be done thanks to proof-of-stake. Unlike bitcoin, the number of minable Ether is unlimited.
  • Diversified related services : thanks to the way the Ethereum blockchain operates, the use of Ether cryptocurrencies is already accompanied by practical services. Compared to bitcoin, Ether transactions are also twice as fast. The existence of the Ethereum network also gives hope that the infrastructure will be able to adapt to the growing number of its users.
  • A successful cryptocurrency : second currency after Bitcoin, Ether is close behind it and has developed significantly in recent years. With a significant user base, it is increasingly used as payment among individuals and businesses.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Ethereum Casino”

💱 Deposit and withdrawals on an Ethereum casino, what solutions?

sites de casinos ethereum

There are mainly 2 types of situations:
– The first case, if it is a casino operating solely using the blockchain , you must deposit your money on the site by transferring your ETH from your wallet to that of the casino. We then speak of a 100% crypto casino, 100% blockchain casino , or Pure crypto , you generally do not need to send any documents , deposit and withdrawal transactions are ultra fast!
– The second case, you play at a casino that accepts your Fiat currency deposits (€$£) then converted into Ethereum

🍹 What games are accessible with this cryptocurrency?

slot machines, table games, Video Poker, virtual sports, scratch cards and even the live casino.

🔺 Why bet on a crypto casino with Ethereum?

Transactions are instant and secure, fees are low, you are anonymous! Read more about crypto casinos

📣 What about the legality of ETH – Ethereum for online gambling?

Legislation fluctuates from one country to another, the main difficulty is tracing financial flows and therefore Ethereum is not considered as a legal payment method ! When nothing is said clearly, we then speak of gray area and online gaming with ETH is therefore not clearly prohibited.

🍒 Do Ethereum casinos need to be licensed?

Yes, in general these casinos have a gaming license, we recommend here 100% crypto casinos whose security is ensured by the blockchain ! Transactions are instantaneous, secure and anonymous

🔔 How do I ensure that an Ethereum casino is reliable?

Check that the casino has a gaming license, generally Pure Crypto casinos use secure transactions, almost all Ethereum gaming sites are licensed and guarantee the security of funds and players and are trustworthy.

🚩 How to choose the best Ethereum casino?

We recommend large casinos available in several languages, they manage many clients, online reputation is a major element that builds their success

✔ What are the advantages of casinos offering the ETH cryptocurrency?

Unlike a traditional casino, a site using ETH allows you to remain anonymous, your personal and/or banking information confidential, transactions are ultra-fast and secured by the blockchain transfer system.

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