Lightning Dice

Lightning Dice

Casino Selection: Lightning Dice Evolution Gaming

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Lightning Dice did not suffer from mass distribution when it was released. Fortunately, it is now available at casinos offering games from Evolution Gaming .

Dice game principle

The principle of Lightning Dice is quite simple to assimilate. The game consists of betting on the sum of 3 dice thrown simultaneously. The player therefore does not have much leeway on that side. Lightning Dice makes up for this lack of the possibility of random multipliers that can inflate the winnings up to 1000 times the bet.

Evolution Gaming has further enhanced the game by imposing conditions on the multipliers: certain numbers correspond to a particular multiplier. Thus, only the number 3 and the number 18 allow to obtain a multiplier x1000.

Even though Lightning Dice and Super SicBo are both dice games released at short intervals, each of them has its own particularity. As for bets, Lightning Dice only allows bets on the sum of the 3 dice.

A captivating game environment

This also remains one of the big strengths of Evolution Gaming’s games and the Lightning Dice will surely be no exception to this rule. The game will indeed be broadcast live from the Riga studios, thanks to ultra-modern equipment allowing you to experience captivating and immersive gaming sessions. As in Lightning Roulette, the player will be able to attend a real show with an enthusiastic host and breathtaking special effects.

Super SicBo, on the other hand, offers a multitude of possible bets: even/odd, single or double number and many more. In terms of atmosphere, Lightning Dice is dotted with little surprises. After each bet, the numbers with multipliers are designated.

The gaming experience on Lightning Dice itself is quite enjoyable. On a black and gold decor, the player easily follows the hostess who operates the lever releasing the dice every 45 minutes. As the game consists of betting on the probable sum of the 3 dice, the betting area consists of only 16 squares. Already very enjoyable on PC media, this layout greatly facilitates the mobile version of the game.

In short, Lightning Dice represents the sum of the elements that make Evolution Gaming famous:

the appeal of traditional games, technological competence and continuous innovation. For this live dice game, Evolution Gaming has perfectly combined the traditional random dice roll and the random number software that designates the multipliers. The existence of statistics is also a significant addition.

For a long time, dice games have been considered as the “leftovers” in the world of online casino games, but now Lightning Dice will be able to regain their credibility.

Lightnind Dice is an adaptation of the dice games that could bring a new life to this long neglected game. The recipe: a keen sense of showmanship, careful direction and very interesting reports.

🕵️Lightning Dice Frequently Asked Questions

What is EVOLUTON Gaming’s Lightning Dice live game?

Lightning Dice is a live game where three dice are rolled in a tower, and players bet on the total outcome of the three dice. Before the dice are rolled, one or more “lightning” multipliers are assigned to specific outcomes, increasing the potential for winning.

☀️What are the possible bets on this live dice game?

This game can be played in several currencies in euro you can bet from 0.2 € to 500 €.

❣️Can we play on tablets and smartphones?

Yes, like all EVOLUTION GAMING games, Lightning Dice is developed in HTML5, this game is compatible with Android and IOS iphone

How do “lightning” multipliers work?

Before the dice are rolled, between one and more possible outcomes will be struck by “lightning”, awarding those totals random multipliers of up to x1000.

What bets can be placed in Lightning Dice?

Players can bet on the possible totals of the three dice, which vary between 3 (three 1s) and 18 (three 6s).

How is the gain determined?

If the dice land on a total you bet on, you win according to the paytable. If that total was “lightned”, then the win is multiplied by the “lightning” multiplier.

Are there strategies for playing Lightning Dice?

Although primarily a game of chance, some players choose to cover multiple outcomes or follow patterns. However, there is no guaranteed strategy to win.

Is the game available on mobile?

Yes, most online casinos that offer Lightning Dice also have mobile responsive versions or apps.

What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) for Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice’s RTP is usually around 96%, although this may vary slightly by casino.

How do you know if the game is fair?

Reputable casinos use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure fair “flash” multipliers. Additionally, live games are often monitored and audited by third parties to ensure their integrity.

Can I chat with the presenter during the game?

Yes, in most versions of Lightning Dice, live chat is available for players to interact with the presenter and sometimes with each other.

Are there betting limits for Lightning Dice?

Betting limits vary by casino. It is always recommended to check the limits before you start playing. As always, be sure to gamble responsibly and set limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

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