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Side Bet City is the name of a new variant of the most famous casino game. From Evolution Gaming , Side Bet City is a simplified and dynamic version of poker. It is part of the live table game collection offered by Evolution Gaming and promises an innovative and enjoyable experience.

Back to the 80’s

Undeniably, the tabletop game takes the player back four decades to the 1980s. The choice is not insignificant, since it is a solid reference to the most vibrant years of Las Vegas. The setting lends itself to this, as it propels the player into a retro setting. The vintage aspect is reinforced by blue and purple neon lights. The game is held in a small booth where a croupier is waiting, also dressed in the fashion of the time to fit in. The general atmosphere is very pleasant, especially for the more nostalgic.

The game’s interface is on par with Evolution Gaming. As on all its other achievements, its ergonomics allows you to find your way around quickly. Despite a very well-kept background embellished with details, the interface manages to impose itself and the player adopts it immediately.

Poker in a simple and easy version

Side Bet City is already presented as a simplified variant of poker. It’s a great game for newcomers to the game of poker. The dreaded rules of poker here are ironed out. It is useless to know the various types of hands and their hierarchy, nor to do extensive analysis. In contrast to a traditional poker game, the player is not facing the dealer and the other players, but the table.

The principle is quite simple. The Side Bet City game is hosted by a dealer. This draws 7 cards from a shoe. The cards are presented face up. But what matters most is the pace of downtime. Once the first three cards have been drawn, the croupier stops¸ then he does the same after the 5th card and finally after the 7th and last card. The player’s goal is to bet on a winning poker hand: will it be made up of the first 3 cards, the first 5 or even the 7? With Side Bet City, no effort to guess the game of others while building your own by making it stronger than those of others… just bet.

Rules of the game and game progress

Side Bet City is designed for those who want to play poker but find its rules too complex. Although the principle is derived from poker, the game is easier and does not require any particular skill. A beginner can have fun and make a lot of money at the same time. All you need to do is to know how to bet on the possibilities of creating a winning poker hand.

Each part follows a well-trodden path. In prearranged slots, the dealer draws 7 cards face up. These seven cards are drawn in a precise cadence: the first three, then the next two, ending with the last two. At each stop, the system comes into play and determines the existing winning hands. The player will have previously bet on the stage where a hand is likely to form or not.

Thus, the player’s choice is reduced to four items. He can bet on the probability of :

  • A winning hand consisting of 3 cards
  • A winning hand consisting of 5 cards
  • A winning hand consisting of 7 cards
  • No winning hand. It’s the ” all lose”.

Betting and Payout on Side Bet City

Suppose the player sees his luck turning and guesses correctly. Although already assured, the value of his gain depends on a few variables, namely the type of hand obtained and the number of cards. The rules of classic poker then apply. The ” royal flush ” is the best hand in the game. Suppose this is our player’s hand.

  • With a 3-card hand, he wins 100:1
  • A 5-card hand wins the game’s big payouts, up to 1000:1
  • A 7 card hand allows a 500:1
  • On the other hand, if our player has bet on an ” all lose” , he pockets a 0.7:1

On Side Bet City, bets start at 0.2 euros and are capped at 50 euros. All poker lovers can play it every day and at any time of the day. The game is played on any medium of your choice. It adapts very well on mobile.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions – Side Bet City

What is Side Bet City?

Side Bet City is a poker-based live casino game where players bet on the outcome of a 7-card hand, rather than playing against a dealer or other players

☀️ What’s special about Poker Side Bet City?

pari latéral ville

The player’s goal is to bet on a winning poker hand: will it be made up of the first 3 cards, the first 5 or even the 7? bets start at 0.2 euro to be capped at 50 euros

👁🗨 What are the betting limits for this live poker?

The minimum bets are 0.5 €$£ the maximum bets are 50 €$£, players also have the possibility of betting in crypto currencies, finally the player payout rate ‘RTP’ is close to 96%

How to play Side Bet City?

Players place bets on one of four possible outcomes: a 3-card hand, a 5-card hand, a 7-card hand, or “No Winning Hand”.

What types of hands are recognized in Side Bet City?

Hand combinations are based on traditional poker hands, such as pair, flush, full house, etc.

Are there strategies for playing Side Bet City?

It is mainly a game of luck, although some players prefer to follow trends or use betting systems based on their intuitions or previous results.

What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) for Side Bet City?

The RTP varies depending on the type of bet. For example, the bet on the 3 card hand may have a different RTP than the bet on the 5 card hand. The RTP is usually between 94% and 97%, but it is always good to check the specifics of the casino where you are playing.

Can I chat with the dealer during the game?

In many online casinos, live chat is available, allowing players to interact with the dealer.

How many games per hour can you expect with Side Bet City?

It depends on the casino and the speed of the dealer, but in general you can expect around 30-40 games per hour.

What is the main attraction of Side Bet City compared to other poker games?

Side Bet City offers a simplified and fast-paced approach to poker, with an emphasis on placing bets rather than forming traditional poker hands. This can be appealing to gamers who prefer a more direct and less complex gaming experience.

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