Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat

Evolution Gaming “Lightning Baccarat” Table Selection

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After Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice, Lightning Baccarat was launched by Evolution Gaming in 2020. It is one of the first card games taken up by the publisher in its “Lightning” series. Beginner or experienced player, this Lightning Baccarat is ideal, because it takes classic baccarat, but with more than advantageous additions.

Lightning Baccarat Overview

Lightning Baccarat is a virtual live dealer game: the game is conducted by a live dealer and not by software. It is set in a red and gold décor that recalls the 1920s with typical Evolution care.

As the name suggests, Lightning Baccarat is based on the classic baccarat game. The rules remain the same. The game is run by a dealer who deals the cards on which the players bet. They have fun betting on the winning hand from the two hands dealt by the dealer. A hand wins if it totals 8 or 9.

The experience is not unfamiliar, and the regulars will quickly find their mark. Its particularity, and not the least, is the lightning cards.

Lightning Cards

The Lightning Cards are an additional winning prospect and are the greatest asset of Lightning Baccarat. During a game, one to five Lightning Cards are generated by an RNG and randomly assigned multipliers ranging from 2 to 8. This is all done independently of the game.

When the hand chosen by the player is winning, the system checks the cards that this hand and the Lightning cards have in common. If there is and the player has bet on the lightning option, he obtains a bonus associated with the lightning card multiplier.

The ratios vary according to the number of matching cards. For example, in the case of 3 matching cards in the player or banker’s hand, the multiplier is x512.

For baccarat aficionados, Evolution’s Lightning Baccarat should not pose much of a challenge. As a live dealer baccarat game, it has all the features to make it an enjoyable game that comes close to land-based casino conditions.

  • Rules identical to those of classic baccarat : no surprise there, since the principles remain unchanged. The 5 percent commission still applies.
  • Substantial bonuses : unlike the original, Lightning Roulette promises better winnings thanks to its lightning cards and side bets.
  • Compatible on any support : compliant with the standards expected by players, this variant can be played on smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Statistics and history available
  • Live chat : interactions with the dealer and other players are possible.
  • Bids and reports

Since it does not differ much from baccarat which is played in a land-based casino, the betting possibilities are not exceptional. The player has the choice to bet on three items: the player’s hand, the banker’s hand and the tie.

To enhance the game a little, the publisher Evolution has added two side bets. These are additional bets on the game, while being independent of the game. They are paid up to 9 times the stake. There are also, obviously, lightning cards. Its redistribution rate is on average 98.76%.

How to play Lightning Baccarat

Besides the distribution of the lightning cards, a game of Ligthning Baccarat is easy to follow. It is a prediction of which hand, between the player and the banker, will total 8 or 9.

On the game interface, a betting area allows players to place their bets on the hand they believe will win.

The drawing of the cards starts with the lightning cards. They are drawn from a virtual deck, then get their multipliers. The live dealer enters the game and deals the two respective cards of the two conventional hands (the player’s hand and the banker’s hand). Then the system checks the results, withdraws or pays out the winnings.

Even if baccarat is still presented in the popular imagination as a sophisticated game, there is no real strategy: it is always a matter of chance and the player simply bets as he would at the sic bo. The important thing is to know the rules of baccarat well in order to have a good time, with lots of twists and turns.

Lightning Baccarat will not disappoint baccarat lovers. True to the classic game, its live casino concept makes it accessible while enjoying personal comfort. Multipliers can make it possible to dream of substantial winnings for lucky players.

What strategy to play lighning baccrat?

Lightning Baccarat, developed by Evolution Gaming, is an exciting twist on traditional baccarat. In this version, a 20% commission fee is taken from each winning bet, but in exchange, random multipliers of up to 8x are applied to certain wins. This can significantly increase the amount of potential winnings.

If you’re looking to strategize when playing Lightning Baccarat, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Understand the Rules : Make sure you understand the rules of traditional baccarat as well as the specifics of the Lightning variant.
Budget Management : Set a clear budget before you start playing and stick to it. Never try to recover your losses by doubling your bets, as this can lead to big losses.
Follow Trends : Many baccarat players like to follow winning trends (player, banker, tie) to determine their bets. Although each hand is independent, if you observe a trend, you can decide to follow that trend until it changes.
Betting on the Banker : In traditional baccarat, betting on the banker has a slightly lower house edge than betting on the player. If you are unsure about your next bet, betting on the banker may be a safer option.
Avoid Tie Bets : Even with the addition of multipliers in Lightning Baccarat, the tie bet has a much higher house edge than other bets. It is generally best to avoid this bet, despite its attractive winnings.
Use Multipliers to Your Advantage : Since Lightning Baccarat offers multipliers, you may want to increase your bets when you feel a multiplier might be near. However, remember that everything is random, and there is no guarantee of getting a multiplier.
Practice in Demo Mode : If possible, try the game in demo mode to familiarize yourself with the multiplier mechanics before betting real money.
Keep a Cool Head : As with all casino games, it is essential to keep your emotions in check. Don’t let losses frustrate you or wins make you overconfident.

Finally, always remember that baccarat, even with elements of strategy, remains a game of luck. Play responsibly and treat gambling as a form of entertainment rather than a way to make money.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions Lightning Baccarat

What is Lightning Baccarat?

Lightning Baccarat is a variation of the traditional baccarat game, developed by Evolution Gaming. It incorporates random multipliers which can significantly increase winnings.

❣️ What’s special about the Lightning Baccarat live?

This variation of baccarat offered by Evolution Gaming adds winning multipliers x 8 maximum per card which allow you to win more than 262,144 times your initial stake – a real jackpot game with an RTP of more than 98% >> Find out More

➕ What are the win multipliers available on this version of live Baccarat?

On randomly selected cards, you can benefit from a multiplier of x2 up to x8

How do multipliers work in Lightning Baccarat?

Before each hand, between 1 and 5 cards are electrified and assigned a random multiplier of up to 8x. If you win with an electrified card, your winnings are multiplied.

Is the house edge different in Lightning Baccarat compared to traditional baccarat?

Yes, due to multipliers and commissions, the house edge may differ. It is always good to look at the rules and payouts of the game to understand the exact advantage.

Is the “Tie” bet recommended in Lightning Baccarat?

Despite the attractive payouts, the “Tie” bet has a high house edge. However, with the addition of multipliers, some players may be tempted to try their luck.

Is the game strategy different because of the multipliers?

While the basis remains the same as traditional baccarat, multipliers add an additional element of strategy, as they can influence the decision to bet more or less depending on previous rounds

🎯 What are the side bets on this version of live Lightning Baccarat?

The Pair and B Pair side bets which pay money if the first two cards of the player or the banker respectively form a pair.

📱 Is this game accessible on smartphone or tablet?

Launched at the end of February 2020 by the Evolution software, this version is completely compatible with the iOS or Android mobile versions. The other versions of live baccarat are also in HTML such as: Live Baccarat, Live baccarat squeeze, Live baccarat control squeeze, No commission Baccarat, Live Speed ​​Baccarat, Live Dragon Tiger

Are there any additional fees to play this variant?

Yes, a 20% commission is taken from each winning bet, which allows the multiplier functionality to be integrated.

How do you know if a card is electrified?

Before the cards are dealt, the electrified cards and their multipliers will be displayed on the screen.

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