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A 3D Wheel of Fortune with a live animator

As a leader in live casino gaming, Evolution Gaming is taking traditional games out of fashion to give online gaming a prominent place. Today they are hugely successful.

To get to this point, this Swedish group applies the winning recipe that has always been appreciated: working on the latest technologies and on unparalleled creativity.

Discover Monopoly Live, an online adaptation of the world’s most popular board game from the 1930s. Its design is made thanks to the partnership with the Hasbro group , owner of this cult game.

Following the wheel, we immediately think that the game is derived from the Dreacatcher Wheel. However, it is clearly visible that it goes much further than a simple Wheel of Fortune. Monopoly Live is highly prized for its design that incorporates startling reality technology.

To keep the game alive, a host spins the wheel, called Mister Monopoly dressed all in black, drinking his coffee, reading his morning paper before getting up when the wheel stops on a Chance section or a Roll section. This online Monopoly game mixes reality and virtuality thanks to 3D animations that are embedded in a real studio. As you can see, the result is amazing and close to natural! The 3D animations of Mr Monopoly with his white moustache, his black hat and his cane are made in an authentic studio using modern 3D techniques.

This game is in high demand by those waiting for the lucrative Bonus Game to be triggered. Players land on a giant 3D Monopoly field similar to the original game and in a New York City setting.

The famous Mr. Monopoly trots from square to square according to an itinerary dictated by the result of the real dice thrown. This game cultivates suspense in the fantastic environment of an already familiar, yet exciting world. Moreover, the elements that bring this game to life are perfectly in line with the capitalist theme of Monopoly. Indeed, the success with Monopoly lovers was fast.

In terms of popularity and attendance, Monopoly Live appears in 2nd position in August 2020 among the games that integrate the most real money players in the Evolution Gaming catalog. It also received Game of the Year 2019 at the EGR Operator Awards in London.

Monopoly Live is an online Monopoly version of the world-famous cult game from Hasbro. It is a compilation of a real game with a real animator and a random number generator that allows you to win a huge amount of money.

This Monopoly Live game was released in February 2019 via Evolution Gaming’s software. Since its inception, this activity has been incredibly successful and is in the top 5 of Evolution Gaming’s top two.

The animation of the game is provided by a speaker, a real wheel is arranged in the middle of studios and the decor is perfect to give a better show. Evolution gaming did better to be in collaboration with Hasbro. This partnership has enabled him to offer a top-of-the-range Wheel of Fortune that offers a chance to win up to €500,000.

In response to players’ passion for the Dreamcatcher Wheel of Fortune, Evolution Gaming has gone one better with Monopoly Live, which is now a huge success. Live dealers have tested this game for you, so it makes sense that this online Monopoly game is all the rage.

How the Monopoly Live Wheel of Fortune works

Evolution Gaming developed Monopoly Live and installed it in the studio. This game has a New York-like atmosphere. The wheel is in the centre of the room and one person is in charge of the animation.

Monopoly Live is an online game filmed in real time. On the left side of the screen is Mr Monopoly, a 3D character sitting on his chair. Sometimes he reads his newspaper and sometimes he is drinking coffee. Note however that it will be impossible to play Monopoly online with friends, you must be alone in front of your screen whether it is on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet.

Composition of the French Online Monopoly Wheel

The wheel consists of 54 areas that has a number or a price, you have:

  • 22 times the number 1
  • 15 times the number 2
  • 7 times the number 5,
  • 4 times the number 10,
  • 3 times the Rolls 2 (Bonus part),
  • 2 Lucky Numbers,
  • 1 time the Rolls 4 (Mega bonus part).

Bets on the Wheel of Fortune

The stakes on the Monopoly wheel vary and are €1, €5, €25, €100, €500 and €1000. Simply select the desired bet and click on the number.

Monopoly Wheel of Fortune Reports Evolution Gaming version

The ratios obviously vary depending on the wheel segment. This is because of the probability that the pointer placed at the top of the wheel will stop. On the wheel, it is the number 1 that is present in greater number. Hence, the winnings ratios are lowered by the other less regular figures on the wheel.

Below you will find the reports that the players expect to win:

If you bet on the number

  • 1: it pays you 1 to 1
  • 2: it’s 2 against 1
  • 5: it’s 5 against 1
  • 10: it pays you 10 to 1

If you bet on the Chance segment, it shows the random cash prize with multiplier. A bet on Rolls 2, i.e. 2 launches, can yield up to €500,000. And a bet on Rolls 4 or 4 launches also gives you the chance to get up to €500,000.

If the pointer points to the numbers, 1, 2, 5 and 10, nothing happens on the board. But when he comes across the Chance, Rolls 2 and Rolls 4 segments, Mr. Monopoly acts immediately. He gets up from his chair and we see the 3D work of Evolution Gaming.

Mr. Monopoly is operated in the game and serves as a pawn. Two dice are rolled randomly and depending on the sum of the two dice, Mr. Monopoly jumps from square to square.

The multipliers allow you to win big because the winnings can be as high as €500,000. Concerning the 3D animations, the designer has set up a new show. In addition, this Monopoly Live offers some of the most beautiful graphics in live gaming.

Monopoly Live Video

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the Monopoly Live video. You will have a perfect visual on the wheel and the considerable gains that take place.


Knowing that 4 sections out of 54 open the way to the Bonus game, this event takes place on average once in 13.5 = 154 / 4, it can be remunerative by the game of successive multipliers. A luck card with a 10x multiplier can be followed by a 150x multiplier and offers the player 1500 times the bet. The maximum theoretical winnings displayed in the general terms and conditions of the game are theoretically €500,000.

Contributing to the bonus game remains the main interest of the Monopoly Live game. Unlike Dreamcatcher, the lucrative x40 and x20 segments are not present in the wheel.

The strategy to last will surely be the most relevant to fully enjoy the game of Monopoly online. It is important to protect your bankroll as much as possible by insisting on the Rolls sections until the wheel points to one of the 4 black sections that allow you to win.

Online Monopoly is still a 100% game of chance, so it is mandatory to calibrate the bets properly. And that decision is up to the player alone.

Fans of conservative strategies consider the following techniques:

  • 42.6% of the sections correspond to segment 1 and offer a doubling of the bet which corresponds to a proportion equal to the Dreamcatcher Wheel.
  • 20.3% of the sections correspond to a segment that offers a chance of winning x5 or x10. This explains why more than once out of the 5 wins is multiplied by 5 or by 10.

Monopoly Live Casino Features

  • Game administered and provided by Evolution Gaming
  • Available 24/7
  • Statistics available on the last draws
  • Good rendering on smartphone (wheel and bonus part)

Monopoly Live Evolution Gaming Frequently Asked Questions

‍♂️ What is Monopoly live?

Released in February 2019, it is inspired by the famous Hasbro game. Filmed in a studio and hosted by a presenter, this wheel of fortune game involves the 3D Mr Monopoly mascot moving around the squares of the famous game board.

❣️ What are the bet amounts on Monopoly Live?

Minimum bet starts at £0.1 and maximum bet is £1000

Can you win the jackpot in live Monopoly?

Yes, with the bonus game each participant can win up to €$500,000

☀️What is the redistribution rate of Monopoly Live?

The return rate is around 96.25%.

Can this game be accessed and bet on a tablet or smartphone?

Yes, just like the majority of live games from Evolution Gaming

How to play Monopoly Live?

Players place bets on the outcome of the wheel. If the wheel stops on your bet, you win.

What types of bets can be placed?

Players can bet on specific numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) or on bonus segments like “CHANCE”, “2 ROLLS” or “4 ROLLS”.

What do “2 ROLLS” and “4 ROLLS” mean?

These segments trigger a bonus round of the Monopoly game. If the wheel lands on “2 ROLLS”, the bonus game is played with two rolls of the dice, while “4 ROLLS” results in four rolls.

How is the win determined during the bonus game?

Mr. Monopoly will move around the board according to the dice rolls. The squares it lands on determine the payouts, which may include multipliers.

What is the theoretical return to player (RTP) of Monopoly Live?

The RTP varies between markets and casinos, but generally it is around 96%.

Can I play Monopoly Live on mobile?

Yes, most online casinos offer a mobile version of Monopoly Live.

Are there any strategies to increase my chances of winning?

As with most casino games, Monopoly Live is primarily a game of luck. There is no guaranteed strategy to win, but some players like to diversify their bets to cover multiple outcomes.

Are there betting limits?

Betting limits vary by casino. It’s always good to check the limits before you start playing.

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