Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live, the review

Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live

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No doubt, you have already heard of Gonzo’s Quest, a slot made by NetEnt which is also one of the most recognized online game creators. Towards the end of May 2021, video game provider Evolution Gaming launched a live version of this slot, it is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt.

This game takes the world of the famous Gonzo’s Quest slot machine and mixes live and RNG to provide maximum thrills. How to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live? How does the game work? What is the best strategy to play this slot machine? All the answers are in this magazine.

What is Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live like?

If this is your first time logging into Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, you may be surprised at how beautiful the game is. You are in front of a giant wall made of 70 stone blocks, a virtual character, the famous Gonzo, and a host who provides the animation of the game.

In Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live, the objective is to hunt for the treasures that are hidden behind the stone blocks. Various multipliers that you can bet on are found at the bottom of the screen. These are hidden behind the stones and will be displayed at the end of the game. You can also choose the number of blocks you want to select (between 1 and 20). Note, however, that the larger your blocks, the higher your bet will be.

The distribution of multipliers

Each colored stone is dedicated to a multiplier. They are distributed as follows:

  • Twenty-seven brown blocks earn 1 x the stake
  • Twenty orange blocks earn 2 x the stake
  • Twelve purple blocks allow you to get 4 x the stake
  • Seven green blocks pay 8 x the bet
  • Three blue stone blocks offer a reward of 20 x the stake
  • A red block wins 65 x the stake

How does “Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live” work?

When your bet has been made, you must choose your stone blocks by clicking directly on them. Each participant chooses his own blocks and carries out this step in his own way. But it is also possible to select nothing and let chance do its work. Next comes the time of the prize drops, when Gonzo turns the big golden key and multipliers land and add to the values of the randomly chosen blocks. If you get a symbol with two arrows, you will receive an extra round of prize drops.

When the stone wall is revealed, you will know if you have acquired the highest multipliers and if your treasure hunt was successful.

Just to let you know, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live has an RTP of 96.56% with a maximum potential of $1000000 per game.

Strategy to play Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt better

The first thing to remember is that this is a casino game based on luck and chance. However, there is no such thing as a strategy that works every time. But there are some betting techniques that can be applied to play smarter.

Three types of betting strategies take place:

  • The low risk: make a multiplier choice with many stone blocks. This method is especially applicable to low value stones that show up continuously.
  • The average risk: placing a bet on more than one multiplier while adopting several blocks.
  • The big risk: betting on all multipliers with many stones. It is possible to win every round, but a refund is not required every time. In case of a bad series, this bet can become very expensive.

If you prefer a longer session, it is recommended to adapt your strategy to your balance. Applying the high risk strategy would be dangerous with a small balance and you will end up losing quickly.

Our opinion on Gonzos Treasure Hunt from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming has once again proven why it is the number one provider in the live casino games industry. This Gonzo’ Treasure Hunt Live product is the perfect result of a cross between NetEnt ‘s classic slot machine and Evolution’s investigation into the making of live casino games.

To understand and win this game, do not hesitate to join Gonzo the explorer in a treasure hunt in the heart of the lost city of Eldorado. Excellent graphics and incredible features are there to guarantee your gaming satisfaction. And for an even more immersive experience, you can test this game in virtual reality (VR) mode.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live

What is “Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live”?

“Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live” is a live game developed by Evolution Gaming in partnership with NetEnt. Inspired by the “Gonzo’s Quest” slot machine, this game combines live game elements with slot game elements, all presented with a live presenter.

How is it played?

The goal is to predict the stones hiding prizes in the treasure wall. Players choose from six different colored stones, each with a different value. They decide how many stones they want to look for and how much to bet on each stone.

What sets this game apart from other live games?

It combines elements of a live TV show game with interactive game mechanics. Additionally, the game features augmented reality elements and animations, providing a unique experience to players.

Are there any special features in the game?

Yes, there is a “Prize Drop” feature that can increase the value of stones before the treasure hunt begins, making the potential winnings even greater.

💙What is the release date for this Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live game?

The launch of this game Evolution in May 2021, it is a new game in the catalog EVOLUTION GAMING

🎯Can this be considered a live game?

Yes, in a way, even if the draw is made from an RNG calculator, a live host will be there to give the players results. It’s a hybrid game with integrity that combines live and RNG

❣️What is the RTP for Gonzos Treasure Hunt Live?

The RTP is around 96.5% which is an excellent payout rate for the player

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