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Lightning Lotto Live

In 2023, Evolution Gaming introduced the exciting live casino game called Lotto Lightning. This game stands out for its incorporation of lightning multipliers as well as fast-paced gameplay. It is particularly popular for its additional features, namely lightning multipliers and powerballs. Players can hope to win up to 100,000 times their maximum bet, all accessible from any device, whether mobile or desktop.

With Evolution’s signature sleek black and gold design, Lightning Lotto offers a live lottery using two blow abacuses. These machines select 5 numbers from 25 balls and 1 Power Ball number from 10. If a ticket contains 1 or 2 Lightning numbers , it benefits from a multiplier.

Lightning Lotto Features

  • Operator: Evolution Gaming
  • Live lottery animation with a host
  • Use of 2 abacus for drawing
  • Launched in September 2023
  • Broadcast location : Live studio from Riga, Latvia
  • Cadence : One draw every minute
  • Duration of application : 10 seconds
  • Betting range : From €0.01 to €50
  • Return to player rate : 96.08%
Lightning Lotto evolution Gaming

Game information & progress

Gaming provider Evolution Gaming has just launched its brand new title to the Lightning family and it is known as Lightning Lotto Live. This game is based on multipliers like in Lightning Roulette. Multipliers are guaranteed with every spin, as two of the 25 numbers on the drum turn into flash numbers.

If a player draws one of the flash numbers with a winning ticket, the winnings will then be increased by the value of the multiplier. A second drum has been integrated with 10 numbers, it is called the Powerball drum. This feature increases the chances of drawing numbers from 1 to 10. As for the return rate to players, it is 96.08% with a possibility of winning 100,000 times the stake made.

Wagering Period : Players can acquire between 1 and 500 Lightning Lotto tickets. Each ticket has a distinct series of 6 numbers, the first five being black balls and the last coming from white balls.

Flash Numbers : Once the betting time is over, the host triggers a mechanism revealing one or two Flash numbers on the main monitor. Any ticket containing this number receives a multiplier ranging between x2 and x10. These tickets then become Éclair tickets, with the multiplier coefficient displayed at their head.

Details of the drawings of the two abacuses:

  • The first abacus includes 25 black balls , numbered from 1 to 25, of which 5 are selected.
  • The second abacus contains 10 white balls , numbered from 1 to 10. A single ball is chosen, representing the Power Ball, completing the position of the 6th number on the ticket.

Additional features

The most fun feature of the game concerns the lightning multipliers or “Lightning “. When the normal drum is spinning, two numbers between 1 and 25 are indicated as the flash number. Afterwards, each ticket that has at least one of these numbers becomes a Lightning ticket. And each player’s Lightning Ticket is assigned a multiplier between 2x and 10x. These multipliers are random and differ for each ticket.

If you have a winning Lightning Ticket with at least 3 matching numbers, your rewards are increased by the value of the relevant multiplier. In case you have 2 lightning numbers, their multipliers are combined to achieve an incredible win. Buying several tickets is therefore a good idea to increase your winnings.

Lightning Lotto WINER

How to play this game ?

Two drum machines are set up to hold the number balls. One of the boxes, the largest, has 25 balls from 1 to 25 and is called a “normal” drum machine. The small one contains 10 balls numbered 1 to 10 and is known as a Powerball drum.

To play Lightning Lotto, the first thing you need to do is buy tickets, each of which has 6 numbers. Five of these numbers are between 1 to 25, corresponding to the balls in the big box and the sixth number goes from 1 to 10, and correspond to the Powerball balls. Each round, the player can purchase up to 500 tickets.

During a game, 5 balls are randomly drawn from the regular drum and only one from the Powerball drum. If at least 3 numbers on the tickets match the 3 numbers on the balls drawn, you will win a payout. The more winning numbers there are on a single ticket, the greater the winnings.

What about payments?

As we already stated before, you can buy up to 500 tickets and you can decide how many tickets you want to take. The interface automatically sorts the winning combos and displays the winning tickets.

To buy tickets, there are the buttons: 1, 5, 10 and 100 tickets to buy them in one click. Indeed, you can easily customize the number of chances you have for each game.

Payments depend on the number of matching numbers on the ticket, they are made as follows:

• 6 numbers – 4,999 – 99,999: 1
• 5 numbers – 499 – 9,999: 1
• 4 digits – 49 – 999:1
• 3 digits – 1 – 39:1

The RTP of 96.08% is pretty decent for lotto games and also be aware that this game is very volatile due to the random nature of the results.

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🙋 “Lightning Lotto” Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lightning Lotto?

lightning lotto live

It is a live lottery where players can purchase tickets, each with a unique combination of 6 numbers, and try their luck to win according to the numbers drawn.

How many tickets can I buy for a game?

Players can acquire between 1 and 500 tickets for a single Lightning Lotto game.

How are the numbers on my ticket defined?

Your ticket includes 6 numbers. The first 5 are drawn from an abacus containing 25 black balls numbered from 1 to 25. The last number comes from an abacus containing 10 white balls numbered 1 to 10.

What is a Flash number?

After the betting phase, one or two Flash numbers are revealed. If your ticket contains this or these numbers, it has a multiplier that can vary between x2 and x10, thus transforming your ticket into a Flash ticket.

How long do I have to bid?

You have 10 seconds to place your bets.

What are the betting limits for Lightning Lotto?

Stakes vary between €0.01 and €50.

How often do draws take place?

Draws are made every minute.

What is the Lightning Lotto payout rate?

The return to player rate for Lightning Lotto is 96.08%.

Are there any other features or bonuses I should know about?

The main additional feature of Lightning Lotto is the multiplier associated with Lightning numbers, which can significantly increase your winnings.