Gold Vault Roulette Evolution Gaming

Gold Vault Roulette Evolution Gaming

Gold Vault Roulette as the name suggests is an online roulette game powered by Evolution in 2023. This game is distinguished by the integration of stacking multipliers, thus adopting the form of a real game show. Its concept has its roots in the 2022 sequel “ Gold Bar Roulette .” Fans of roulette with a multiplier have something to rejoice: Gold Vault Roulette has taken its place in the impressive vault designed by Evolution. Previously, until April 2023, this room hosted the Gold Bar Roulette variant. Now, the room is dominated by live Gold Vault Roulette, offering players a renewed experience with multipliers with innovative features. The novelty of the Super Gold Bar, which can randomly position itself on a number with a multiplier of x500, is the holy grail for every Gold Vault player.

Now, the gain on a full number is x24, compared to x19 in the previous version. This increase is offset by a reduction in winnings on certain numbers. Basically, Gold Vault has lower volatility than its earlier version Gold Bar Roulette. The major disadvantage lies in the removal of multiplier bars that could formerly be kept and placed on the desired numbers.

Gold Bar Roulette VS Gold Vault Roulette: Main differences

We see that Gold Vault Roulette is less volatile, winnings are therefore more frequent, thanks to the ” Super Gold Bar ” a mega jackpot is possible. The return to player rate (RTP) is set at 97.30%, and bets range from $£€ ​​0.2 to $£€ 10,000, you can enjoy this game on all types of devices , whether it is a computer or a mobile device.

Multiplier Roulette Table ComparisonGold Vault RouletteGold Bar Roulette
Number of bars / mintageof 5 and 20 barsfrom 1 to 20 bars
Multipliers from x50 to x150x88
Preservable ingotsNoYes
Super Gold Barx500No
Full Numbers Reports24:119:1

Presentation of the game

Gold Vault Roulette Live is a game of great elegance and addiction among the range of titles offered by Evolution Gaming. It builds on the foundation of classic European roulette, while making improvements to its random number generation (RNG) for a more entertaining and lucrative experience.

The central element that distinguishes Gold Vault Roulette is the presence of gold bars, with a value varying from 5 to 20, which appear on the table at the end of each game. Each of these gold bars acts as a 50x multiplier , providing considerable winning opportunities for players seeking real financial success.

Innovations in random number generation (RNG) and the addition of gold bars give the game a prestigious and thrilling dimension. In addition, the generous multipliers that allow you to achieve impressive wins make Gold Vault Roulette Live a particularly attractive option for gambling enthusiasts. The set has been designed to provide the ultimate excitement experience while rewarding players with substantial winnings.

The advantages of the game

There are many strong points of the game:

  • The Generosity of Gold Bar Multipliers That Really Boosts Payouts
  • The presence of special and rare gold bars to increase winnings up to 500 times your initial stake
  • Lots of captivating settings: favorite betting options, autoplay, detailed statistics, roadmaps, and much more.
9 Gold Valt Roulette

How to Play Gold Vault Roulette

The gameplay of this game will be immediately familiar to all players who already have knowledge of the principles of roulette. For novices, rest assured, the rules are simple and even beginners will be able to quickly adapt to the game.

In this game, a European wheel with 36 numbers and a single zero is used. Your adventure begins by arranging your chips on the bets of your choice. Indeed, you have at your disposal traditional roulette bets as well as sectoral bets. It should be noted, however, that only Straight Up bets are influenced by the special Golden Bar feature. All other types of bets work like any other roulette table.

Gold ingots

When the 12-second betting time ends, the dealer opens the safe behind him to reveal up to 20 gold bars. These are randomly assigned to the numbers on the table. As noted above, a gold bar has a 50x multiplier. “Straight Up” bets in the Gold Vault Roulette game offer a base reward of 25 times your stake if successful. However, if the number you placed your bet on wins a gold bar, the winnings are doubled, reaching 50 times your stake.

Gold bars can be stacked up to three times on a single square, significantly increasing any associated win. For example, when three gold bars are assigned to the same number, any bet on them yields a 100x win instead of the standard payout.

Super Gold Bars

Each round also offers the opportunity to incorporate a special Super Gold Bar. Only one Super Gold Bar can be awarded during a single spin, and its presence is not systematic each spin. However, when this opportunity presents itself, it is assigned to a unique number on the table, thereby multiplying its winnings up to 500x.

It is essential to emphasize that Super Gold Bars cannot be combined with classic Gold Bars.

Special features

Gold Vault Roulette offers a familiar range of Evolution features, all accessible via the menu at the top of the screen. For example, the live chat feature is available for you to communicate with other players and presenters. In addition, this is also where you will find the options menu, which will allow you, among other things, to adjust sound levels and video quality.

As mentioned earlier, you have the option to switch to the game’s racing track view. This option allows you to place various types of bets, such as Orphans, Tiers, Zero, Neighbors, etc.

Evolution’s renowned user interface also allows you to set up favorite bets, allowing you to store betting combinations for quick and easy use. Not to mention, the autoplay feature gives you the option to set bets or bet combinations that will be automatically played on each spin.

What strategy to play Gold Vault Roulette?

Without knowing the specific rules and payouts of Gold Vault Roulette (since it is a hypothetical game based on the previous answer), it is difficult to give a precise strategy. However, we can define a general approach based on fundamental principles of roulette and casino games. Here are a few tips :

gold vault roulette stats
  1. Understand the rules : Before you start playing, make sure you fully understand the rules of Gold Vault Roulette, especially the “Gold Vault” related bets.
  2. Manage your bankroll : Set a budget and stick to it. Never bet money that you cannot afford to lose. If you have a losing streak, it might be a good idea to take a break rather than trying to recoup your losses.
  3. Diversify your bets : Rather than always betting on the same number or color, consider varying your bets. This can include bets on individual numbers, outside bets (like red/black, even/odd) and possibly bonus bets linked to the “Gold Vault”.
  4. Study the Payouts : Some bets may offer better odds or higher payouts than others. Make sure you know the payouts for different bets to make informed decisions.
  5. Stay rational : Roulette is a game of chance. If you win, it is due to luck and not a “hot streak”. Likewise, if you lose, it’s not necessarily because you’re “due” for a win. Each spin is independent of the others.
  6. Be careful with betting systems : Systems such as Martingale, where you double your stake after each loss, may seem promising, but they have risks. If you reach the table’s betting limit or exhaust your bankroll before winning, you could suffer heavy losses.
  7. Enjoy the Game : Remember that playing roulette should be an entertaining activity and not a way to try to make money in the long run.

If Gold Vault Roulette offers any special features or bets, it would be wise to analyze these options in detail to see how they can affect the gaming strategy.

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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Gold Vault Roulette”

What is Gold Vault Roulette?

gold vault roulette evolution

Gold Vault Roulette is an innovative new roulette variation launched by Evolution Gaming, combining traditional elements of roulette with new features to deliver a unique gaming experience.

How to play Gold Vault Roulette?

Like traditional roulette, players place bets on where they think the ball will land. Gold Vault Roulette also offers additional features and bonus bets, which will be detailed in the game rules.

Are there any special bets in this game?

Yes, in addition to traditional roulette bets, Gold Vault Roulette introduces bonus bets linked to the “Gold Vault” which can offer larger winnings.

What is the payout rate of Gold Vault Roulette?

On full numbers the redistribution rate to the player is greater than 97%…

Is there a demo version of Gold Vault Roulette?

Some casinos offer a demo version for their games, allowing players to try the game for free. Check with your casino to see if this option is available.

Where can I play Gold Vault Roulette?

Gold Vault Roulette, being an Evolution Gaming game, is available at many Evolution partner online casinos. Make sure you choose a reputable casino for the best experience.

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