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Where to play Evolution Gaming Immersive Roulette?

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Immersive Roulette can be defined by different terms such as best roulette or premium roulette. It is an online casino game launched in 2013, developed by Evolution Gaming . This live roulette table continues to enjoy great success and remains unquestionably one of the most popular.

A true concentrate of technology, the immersive roulette has a game transmission in high definition. Broadcast on a basis of 200 images per second, immersive roulette has all the arguments to impress you.
The simple roulette game is now transformed into the ultimate spectacle thanks to the design effort by Evolution Gaming. A beautiful croupier installed near the wheel under a nocturnal atmosphere of a refined scene, such is its representation. Several cameras ensure the broadcast of superior quality images and transmit shots from all angles: close-ups, high angle shots and low angle shots.

At the end of the show, a slow-motion and close-up image highlights the ball with its character bouncing in the cylinder for real suspense!

With a 24-hour broadcast, Immersive Roulette offers the player a moderate cadence with a draw every 52 seconds. Aside from the perfect visual and aesthetics of the game, it is emitted in a soft and discreet musical atmosphere to ensure entertainment in optimal comfort. Without any sound interference, the player will find his concentration during his session.

Principle of the Immersive Roulette

Immersive roulette is played like any other French roulette table. Before the ball is thrown by the croupier, the latter asks if the bets are well exposed. Bets can be based on different criteria such as the right color, specific numbers, even/odd numbers or a group of random numbers.

Once the player has completed his bets, the bets are closed and ball tossing begins. This is when players enjoy a magical view of the wheel from all angles. Once the winning number or color is declared, players can see the ball precisely land on the winning number during slow-motion streamed replay in high-definition quality. Imagine how the winners feel about their victory with all the excitement caused by this entire spectacle.

Immersive Roulette, a flagship game from Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a Swedish group with 8,000 employees. It is considered to be the first operator in the sector to have obtained the ISO label. This entity provides live casino services for any online gaming platform operating in regulated markets.

Evolution Gaming has won several awards since its existence. The last one was received in July 2020, this is the EGR B2B Awards competition. This event has been competing since the year 2010. For roulette, the minimum bet is €1 and goes up to €1000 on a full number. This bet can reach €20,000 for “Red and Black” or “Even Odd” bets. Due to its flexibility and diversity, premium roulette remains the best planetary top of the greatest online roulette enthusiasts.

Operating in the roulette games industry, Evolution Gaming’s production studios are concentrated mainly in Riga, Latvia, Malta and London. It has more than 1,500 professional dealers to ensure the completion of online games. This brand is highly regarded for its reliability and integrity.

The Premium Roulette Concept

Immersive roulette was inaugurated in August 2013, with its evolution and reliability, it has attracted casino game enthusiasts from all over the world. Premium Roulette has set Evolution Gaming apart from all other competitors in the live gaming industry. This is why this group continues to win awards in the world of online casinos.

Moreover, the concept of this activity always continues to meet evolutions. In its first version, immersive roulette offers an end-of-draw suspense based on the broadcast of a slowed-down video. Currently, the slow motion still remains there, but displays with the normal view of the draw. The concept of premium roulette remained without real competition for French roulette lovers, until the implementation of “Roulette Lightning” which has surpassed the Immersive Roulette version since 2018.Video quality for Immersive Roulette

Immersive roulette is shot in major Evolution Gaming studios (Riga, Latvia and Malta). The games are streamed live from these locations. The show is filmed thanks to the work of a dozen cameras that use many angles of image capture. The angles taken are in the form of a High Definition video. With such quality artwork, following the ball becomes easier for all players once the wheel is spinning. It is an incomparable experience, all the effects provide much more excitement and guarantee a real unique show.

Use the statistics to bet!

The premium character of immersive roulette is not only evident in the image, it also provides perfect ergonomics with an interface that provides access to excellent statistical tools. Simply direct the horizontal slider located at the foot of the intuitive display to see the statistics collected after the last draws. Data extraction is done instantaneously and can relate to the last 500 draws, ie 9 hours of draw. Immersive roulette players who study the statistics received will also be sure to determine the synthesis of the second visual which displays the percentages corresponding to the columns, dozen, color, etc.

Also remember that all bets made by the player are all recorded. Moreover, the display and the interface on Smartphone or tablet are perfect. You will be able to take a screenshot to immortalize certain passages that seem important to you.

Immersive roulette and bonuses

Contrary to popular belief, to benefit from a first withdrawal, immersive roulette must be played without a welcome bonus. Accepting a bonus involves constraints when withdrawing winnings. As a reminder, only slot machines accept to run the deposit counter. Indeed, the search for a better virtual casino with immersive roulette should never be based on a face bonus, but rather on the establishment’s ability to reward winning players as quickly as possible.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the bonus is deactivated in the cashier section or on the profile. This step should be done after the bet has been placed and especially before the game begins. To be sure, it is possible to request a confirmation by chat.
Today, the list of the most reliable live casinos offers withdrawals in different currencies and crypto currencies. For the first option, it takes 2-3 days, and for the second, it takes about half an hour.

Betting in Bitcoin on Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette has long accepted a cryptocurrency deposit and stakes Bitcoin-denominated tokens. In addition, Evolution Gaming recognized very early on the uniqueness of gaming with crypto currencies. We have selected a few reliable platforms such as Betflip, Betcoin, BitCasino or even Bitstarz or even Betplay with hybrid deposits in $, €, £ or in BTC and other Cryptos currencies, you must register using an email address and a password. pass.

Difference between Immersive Roulette and Lightning Roulette

  • Immersive Roulette : Live Roulette Tables from Riga. This is a European roulette with a draw made every 52 seconds. She remains active 24 hours a day. As for the bet, it is fixed at €1 up to €1,000 on full numbers. The dividend is 35 times the bet with a payout rate close to 97.3%.
  • Roulette Lightning : live game shot live from Riga and concerns different ratios. It offers a draw every 60 seconds and remains active 24 hours a day. The bet ranges from €0.20 to €1,000. The ratio is 29 to 499 times the bet with a redistribution rate of 97.1%.

Frequently Asked Questions – Immersive Roulette

What is the maximum bet on the IMMERSIVE ROULETTE table?

Maximum bet is €$£1000 on full numbers, odds are 35 times the stake, is the live roulette table with the highest visual definition

Can you bet on Immersive Roulette using Crypo currencies?

Many means of payment are the specificities of online casinos

What is Immersive Roulette?

Immersive Roulette is a live roulette variant that provides an immersive gaming experience through the use of multiple cameras and high definition shots from different angles.

What makes Immersive Roulette different from other forms of live roulette?

It stands out for the quality of its video production, with slow motion and camera angles that allow players to follow the movement of the ball in real time, thus offering an exceptionally realistic gaming experience.

Do I need special equipment to play?

No, you can play Immersive Roulette on most modern internet-connected devices, such as PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Are the rules different from other roulette games?

The fundamental rules of roulette remain the same. It is mainly the visual experience and the immersion that are different.

Can I interact with the dealers?

Yes, most immersive roulette games offer a live chat feature to interact with dealers.

Are there betting limits for Immersive Roulette?

Betting limits may vary by casino. Consult the table of limits or the terms and conditions of the casino for more information.

Can I play Immersive Roulette for free?

Generally, live games, including Immersive Roulette, require real money wagers. However, some casinos may offer bonuses or promotions that allow you to try out the game.

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