What are the best choices for live roulette tables?

Before committing to live roulette tables, it’s a good idea to choose the right version of the game for you. We’re here to guide you in your choice to ensure a satisfying gaming experience. Discover now the best live roulette options available online!

Live roulette tables from real casinos First of all, you can opt for tables run by live dealers from a physical casino or those located in a recording studio. But what does it mean to choose a table in a real casino?

In practice, HD cameras are positioned around and above the table to provide a complete view of the action. Playing on these tables will give you the impression of being in renowned casinos such as Dragonara Casino in Malta, Grand Casino de Bucarest in Romania, Hippodrome Casino London in England, or Riga Casino.

In short, these tables allow you to play live from real casinos without having to go anywhere. You’ll be able to see the customers moving around, chatting, and the croupier announcing the games… An immersive experience!

Live roulette tables from a studio Software developers have been quick to catch on to players’ enthusiasm for live games, particularly online roulette. So they created special studios to recreate the atmosphere of a physical casino.

The ambience is designed to be similar to that of a real casino, transporting the player into an almost identical universe.

In these studios, a croupier will host your game on the live roulette table. You can choose between dealers who speak different languages, with high-quality live broadcasts thanks to advanced technology.

In conclusion, whether you choose a live table at a physical casino or a studio, you’re guaranteed to experience intense and exciting moments on the best live roulette in France!

Here are a top 5 of the best live roulette tables, each offering a unique playing experience:

Each live live roulette offers a unique experience, with specific rules and features to suit different types of player, whether you’re looking for the best RTP, innovative features or thrilling gameplay.

  1. Roulette La Partage: This table stands out for its high rate of return to the player (RTP), a feature appreciated by discerning players. The split rule reduces the house advantage on outside bets, increasing the odds of winning for players.
  2. Red Door Roulette: This variant adds an element of mystery and excitement to the classic game. Often characterized by a red door that opens to reveal bonuses or special features, it offers players a touch of innovation and surprise in their live roulette games.
  3. Gold Vault Roulette: This version brings a touch of glamour and luxury to the classic game. It often features high-quality graphics and visual effects, enhancing the immersive experience for players.
  4. Double Ball Roulette: As the name suggests, this game uses two balls instead of one, offering unique betting possibilities and odds. This innovative variant doubles the odds on certain bets, making the game even more exciting.
  5. XXXTREME Lightning Roulette: A more intense version of Lightning Roulette, with even more electrifying features and more chances to multiply your winnings. This table is designed for players looking for a dynamic, high-risk gaming experience.
progressive roulette jackpot

What are the most profitable tables?

The highest-paying live roulette tables are generally those offering the best rates of return to the player (RTP). RTP is a key indicator that reflects the average percentage of money wagered by players that is returned to them in the form of winnings over a long period. Here are some of the most profitable live roulette tables:

  1. Roulette La Partage With the “la partage” rule, this table reduces the house advantage on outside bets (e.g. red/black, even/odd). Typically, this brings the RTP on these bets to around 98.65%, which is very favorable for players.
  2. European Live Roulette: European roulette has a single zero, which means a lower house edge (2.7%) than American roulette (5.26%). This translates into an RTP of around 97.3%.
  3. Roulette Française en Direct: Similar to European roulette in terms of layout, but with additional rules like “la partage” and “en prison” that can further reduce the house advantage, especially on outside bets.
  4. Some Special Variants: Variants such as Lightning Roulette may offer additional payouts or multipliers on certain numbers. This may increase the RTP for these specific bets, but the overall RTP may vary.
  5. Live Roulette with Progressive Jackpots Microgaming Roulette Royale: Some tables offer progressive jackpots, where a small percentage of each bet contributes to a cumulative jackpot. These tables can be very lucrative if you hit the jackpot, although this is rare.

It is important to note that RTP is calculated over long periods and thousands of revolutions. Short-term results can vary considerably, so playing roulette should always be seen as a form of entertainment rather than a way to win money.