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Roulette La Partage

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A roulette dedicated to French players? Yes, it exists and it is the work of Publisher Evolution Gaming . This roulette is run by a French-speaking croupier, the rules themselves are French. It is known by various names depending on the platforms that offer it. Whether called Roulette La Partage or La Partage Francophone , these roulette tables are still quite exclusive. They remain the prerogative of a few online casino platforms.

Presentation of the Roulette La Partage

The name of this game may seem incongruous, but it is all that is most authentically French. Indeed, “la partage” refers to a rule only adopted by French casinos since the 18th century. On the European roulette wheels at these establishments, a special wagering requirement applies when the player makes an outside bet.

When the ball lands on square 0, the player can recover half of his bet . This “gesture of generosity” did not, however, appeal to neighboring casinos, making this rule a very French feature. By playing Roulette La Partage, any player can take advantage of the generosity of this rule. Evolution Gaming offers a very French experience.

The “La Partage” rule in roulette offers distinct advantages for players, including:

  1. Reduction of the casino edge : One of the main advantages of the “La Partage” rule is that it reduces the house edge. In standard European roulette, the house edge is 2.7%. With the “La Partage” rule, this advantage is halved for single chance bets, bringing it down to 1.35%. This means that over the long term, players are statistically more likely to keep more of their bet.
  2. Zero Protection : In roulette, the zero is what gives the casino its edge. With the “La Partage” rule, if you have placed a single chance bet and the zero comes up, you only lose half of your bet. This offers some protection against that dreaded zero.
  3. Simplified Strategy : Knowing that you will get half your bet back if the zero rolls, you can focus more on your simple odds betting strategies without worrying about the zero as much.
  4. Better Odds for Simple Odds : If you are a player who favors simple odds bets (red/black, even/odd, miss/pass), then playing at a table with the “La Partage” rule is the the most sensible option for you.
  5. Suitable for cautious players : For those who prefer to adopt a more cautious and low-risk approach to play, the “La Partage” rule is ideal. It allows you to minimize losses when the result is not in your favour.

In conclusion, if you have the choice between playing standard European roulette or roulette with the “La Partage” rule, and you tend to place simple odds bets, then opting for the “La Partage” table is an informed decision.

Roulette La Partage Game Environment

Like all Evolution Gaming live productions, Roulette La Partage relies heavily on the high quality of its broadcasts, but not only that. A decor of circumstance adds a little spice to the French aura of the game. Everything is designed to remind us of the casinos of the time. Added to the name of the game and its rules, this detail gives it a little more authenticity.

For the sake of detail, Romanian Evolution Gaming goes so far as to employ French-speaking croupiers to run the games. On the interface, the inscriptions are in French. The well-known ergonomics of this element of the live casino is not lost however. Navigation remains easy, the functionalities accessible. Like any self-respecting game, statistics are available. Live chat is just as good.

Betting levels and opening hours

Roulette La Partage’s stakes have been designed to appeal to a wide range of players, from the cautious gambler to the big bettors.

Thus, the minimum stake starts at 1 euro and the maximum threshold is 20,000 euros. As far as opening hours are concerned, Evolution Gaming’s Roulette La Partage tables only welcome players in the evening, from 3pm to 6am, Central European Time.

Evolution Gaming’s live game accreditation bodies:

Division of Gaming Enforcement New Jersey (USA), United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (Italy), Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (Spain), Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (USA), Belgium Gaming Commission, Romania National Gambling Office Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (Canada), Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of Latvia (Latvia).

Frequently Asked Questions Live table “Roulette la Partage”

What is special about the Evolution Gaming La Partage roulette table?

When the ball lands on the green box of 0, the player can recover half of his bet! This gives the player a slight advantage compared to a traditional gaming table, which will lose all of its bet!

What are the minimum and maximum bets for this Evolution Gaming table?

Minimum bets start at 20 cents, maximum limits are £1000 depending on the online casino on full numbers

What is the “La Partage” rule in roulette?

The “La Partage” rule mainly applies to French Roulette. When the player bets on a simple chance (red/black, even/odd, miss/pass) and the ball stops on zero, the bet is “shared”, i.e. the player recovers half of his original bet.

How does the “La Partage” rule affect the casino advantage?

“La Partage” halves the house edge on single odds bets, from 2.7% to 1.35% in European roulette.

Do all casinos offer the “La Partage” rule?

No, not all casinos offer this rule. This is primarily a feature of French Roulette, although some online casinos may offer it on European Roulette.

Can I combine “La Partage” with other roulette strategies?

Yes, you can combine “La Partage” with other betting strategies. However, remember that despite the reduced house edge, no system guarantees a long-term win.

Is the minimum or maximum bet affected by the “La Partage” rule?

No, the “La Partage” rule does not affect betting limits. These limits depend on the specific casino or roulette table.

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