Review of Rival Gaming

Rival Gaming is a gaming provider that was founded in 2006. Since its birth, it has continued to evolve and has made a remarkable impact, particularly in Europe and the United States. Currently, more than 500 international online casinos use Rival Gaming’s services to keep players happy.

Rival Gaming is one of the most popular leaders in the online casino market. All of the titles from this supplier are successful worldwide, but few players know the history of this famous game publisher. That is why we invite you to follow this review. You will be amazed at the skill of this professional and the beauty of all his products.

History of Rival

Rival Gaming entered the iGaming market in 2006 after working behind the scenes developing games and not indicating. Very discreet, he does not indicate his country of birth. It is a very dynamic company that is always looking for new challenges to please its fans even more. With its years of experience and know-how in the field of online gaming, it has become a key player in this sector. Indeed, it holds the same title as its biggest competitors such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Thousands of gamers in Europe and the United States have been seduced by the products developed by Rival Gaming. At this time, this supplier works with more than 50 serious operators.

Features of the games provided by Rival

At the time of writing, Rival Gaming offers over 200 casino game titles. Most of these games are translated into 11 different languages. The implementation of multiple languages in Rival’s titles allows them to be offered to a wider range of players.

The games provided by this publisher come in a variety of themes and are compatible with all kinds of operating systems. Also, with Rival Gaming, it is possible to customize games to best suit a user’s specific needs.

Rival Gaming not only offers slots, but also blackjack, baccarat, video poker, craps, scratch card games, bingo and keno. All of these game panels fill his wallet, but his main focus remains the slot machine and its progressive jackpots.

Game types and features

Rival Gaming’s motto is “Let the games begin”. This phrase is about optimal fun reinforced by special bonuses and progressive jackpots.

This provider offers all kinds of casino games such as all variants of table games, card games, roulette and slot machines. Rival Gaming guarantees a nice and subtle graphics for the whole production. The quality and gameplay options are also top-notch. In addition, this publisher is very generous with the bonuses, free spins and huge progressive jackpots it offers.

Rival Gaming’s games are plentiful and are regularly played by the most popular casinos.

What can we say about Rival’s reputation?

As we already know, Rival Gaming has partnerships with several operators and to date, it collaborates with more than fifty. In addition, the supplier has won important awards and labels such as eCOGRA and TST.

If you want to try the casino games provided by Rival Gaming today, it’s time for you to get on some online casino comparison sites. However, find some great promotional offers that allow you to enjoy a lot of benefits when discovering Rival’s games.

Rival Gaming owes its reputation in the online gaming market to the quality and reliability of its products. Casino operators and players alike are delighted to enjoy Rival Gaming titles. Finally, let’s not forget that what contributes most to the popularity of this provider’s games is certainly the incredible jackpot of the Major Moolah slot machine, whose progressive jackpot reaches tens of thousands of dollars.