Pragmatic Play Multiplay Baccarat

Betting on all ten of Pragamatic Play’s baccarat tables at the same time? This is possible thanks to Baccarat Multiplay.

With this new offer, you are not greeted by one of Pragmatic Play’s professional dealers, but by an interface made up of several betting areas from the live tables offered by the publisher.

Of course, it is possible to take a look at each table. A small icon at the top of the game mat takes you directly to the live baccarat table and its dealer. The window is, admittedly, smaller, but it’s still nice.

Ten-in-One Baccarat with Multiplay

It’s always nice to be in front of a dealer, who brings friendliness to a neat and spacious setting. Nevertheless, there is no frenzy of betting, although the Speed Baccarat variant is a more fast-paced live game.

With Baccarat Multiplay, you can place bets at any of the ten or so live tables in Pragmatic Play’s amazing catalogue.

With this concept, you play on all the tables at the same time, on an interface made up of game mats corresponding to each live baccarat table filmed in the Pragmatic Play studios. Bets can therefore be placed very quickly, and bets lost elsewhere can be won at another live table.

Play Baccarat Multiplay

A neat and uniform interface for each gaming floor makes it easy to place bets and navigate the dozen or so live baccarat tables offered by Pragmatic Play.

On each one, you have to guess the winning hand between the banker’s and the player’s, or bet on a tie. The more fanciful bets devised by the studio, secondary bets, are also available, such as Player even or Bank even. All this gear promises a wide range of bets from €0.2 to €5000.

Obviously, the interface of Baccarat Multiplay distorts a bit the real life experience that live casinos always promise, but we still benefit from an undeniable advantage: the cards are drawn by a dealer. The game is therefore subject to the whim of chance.