Explosive Reels Slot Machine

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Explosive Reels, review of this slot from GameArt

It’s no secret that slots players particularly love gold, the taste for risk and the excitement of action.

With scenarios that perfectly represent gold fever, including relentless explosions, fun characters and huge rewards, the game is simply fascinating. This unique and entertaining game will not leave you indifferent if you are one of those who love slot machines. You will get more information about Explosive Reels in this article.

About the slot machine

Explosive Reels is a game inspired by the gold rush, this phenomenon characterized by the influx of gold diggers attracted by a region, called auriferous, located in western North America. Many other free games including NetEnt’s Gold Rush already used this theme before.

In Explosive Reels, players will see the entrance to a mine in the foreground. Tunnels, with handling rollers wrapped by a wooden structure, allow miners to access the ore. These are the reels that dominate the screen when you launch the game. A desert landscape can be seen in the background. GameArt preferred to reduce the sound effects of Explosive Reels so that players could concentrate better.

To the delight of thrill seekers, explosions are still quite frequent. This also allows to break the atmosphere which is generally serene. Those who plan to exploit gold deposits in the near future will surely be attracted by Explosive Reels.

The rules to consider

Operating a gold mine is a fairly rudimentary activity. Indeed, it works the physical and the mental at the same time, which is not the case with the game Explosive Reels from GameArt. The developer makes it much easier for participants with fairly simple game principles.

Explosive Reels has five reels that each feature three symbols. Players can choose between the 10 paylines they can bet on. The arrows placed at the bottom of the screen will be useful for those who want to adjust the amount of their bet. You have to press the green button, where it says Spin, to start playing. Bettors have the opportunity to rack up more winnings after each win by continuing with an optional mini-game. You must, in this case, find the color of a virtual card face down. As in any game of chance, the risks are always there. You may leave with empty pockets.

GameArt has also provided the Autoplay function for Eplosive Reels which allows the reels to spin automatically for as long as the bettor wishes. The amounts acquired during each game will also automatically be added to the player’s balance.

What symbols are found in Explosive Reels?

A single second of inattention can pay dearly in terms of gambling. This is valid for Explosive Reels. Participants should be very attentive to the symbols that are written on the reels, as these are particularly important in order to win large sums.

To better understand the game, it is essential to know the meanings and the odds of the symbols. The first symbols, representing card icons, which vary from number 10 to Ace, are less valuable. These are symbols that you will see frequently on the reels. The last four symbols, namely the lantern, the pearl prospector, the cart of gold and the donkey that pulls it, pay the best. Above all, don’t miss them. All you need is the right combinations to win the jackpot.

explosive reels

Special Features in this Slot Machine

GameArt has included a special feature in Explosive Reels: dynamite. The symbol alone performs many functions.

Dynamite is the Wil of the game, it is a symbol that can take the place of any other symbol. It is the equivalent of a joker in a card game. Having the dynamite helps to easily bring out a winning combination. It also allows you to accumulate other rewards even if you cannot line up other symbols on the reels.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions ‘Explosive Reels’ Slot

🎯 What is the RTP of Explosive Reels?

The player payout rate is over 96.5%, which places it among the most generous slot machines

🍉 How do you get free spins on Explosive Reels?

It is thanks to the explosion symbol that you will get many free spins, you will also have the possibility of doubling your winnings if you discover the right Red or Black card

❤️ What jackpot can we expect on this slot machine?

The jackpot is minimal, around 2500 coins, with a high payout rate

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