Dragon Tiger eBet

dragon tiger ebet

All about Dragon Tiger from eBet.com

Ebet.com never ceases to amaze gambling enthusiasts by launching new games that are always more fun. Some time ago, this supplier decided to expand its game collection again by creating a variant of the Dragon Tiger, a card game with rules similar to Baccarat and Casino War. The main purpose of the game is to try to guess the winning hand at the end of a game.

Dragon Tiger is a game that would have been discovered in Cambodia. Ebet.com has decided to restore the popularity of the game by offering a more modern version. However, Ebet.com has particularly worked on the presentation of the game environment. With an immersive game setting and easy-to-learn rules, the game continues to attract new participants over the years.

Game presentation and betting

Dragon Tiger from Ebet.com is based on the rules of the famous Indian game Baccarat. The game takes its name from the two hands on which bettors can bet: the Dragon and the Tiger. During a game of Dragon Tiger, hands are dealt only one card each. Players must successfully guess which hand will receive the highest card to win a game.

The game currently has an RTP of 96.27%. Dragon Tiger is a game that does not exclude the possibility of betting on a tie. In fact, the game includes a tie bet option that pays 11:1 for cards of equal rank, but not of the same suit. It is also possible to be paid 50:1 if the cards are the same suit. Half of the main bet will be returned in both cases.

As far as the game setting is concerned, Ebet.com has chosen a decor that is inspired by Asian culture for Dragon Tiger, adding a little touch of modernity. You will also see that the menus are very well arranged on the screen. Players can make small adjustments to the video quality and sound effects. The developer has also added other very useful features such as the possibility to chat with the dealer or to consult statistics.

Dragon Tiger, an easy to play title

In launching Dragon Tiger, Ebet. com wanted to offer a game that anyone could play, whether a novice or a veteran. The developer has met this challenge with flying colors, as the game is indeed easy to understand. Just concentrate and observe what is happening during a game to assimilate the rules more easily.

How to play Dragon Tiger?

By reading the game rules, you will immediately understand the concept of Dragon Tiger. This is not a game of cards, but rather a game of predicting the outcome of the game by betting on a hand.

Since each side receives only one card, there is no need to calculate the hand totals. All you need to know is that the ace is the lowest card valued at zero and the king the highest. Winning Dragon and Tiger bets even pay money, while Tie payouts differ depending on the developer. It is important to know the value of each card so that you do not make mistakes during the game. As far as payments are concerned, the odds are displayed directly on the screen.

You should also know the different betting options before you start playing. In addition to the main bets, Ebet.com has decided to include side bets to spice up the game. All you have to do is choose.

Game features

It is very important to know the specifics of each game. Dragon Tiger from Ebet.com is an online game with huge chances of winning. Indeed, the possibility of betting on a tie minimizes losses considerably.

The displayed odds are also very interesting in Dragon Tiger. Even extra bets can pay off big with odds as high as 50:1. Since it is a game of chance, there is also a chance of losing, but only the most daring will come out ahead.

Another feature of the Ebet.com Dragon Tiger is flexibility. Players are free to choose the amount they want to bet as long as it is between £1 and £25,000.