2 Hand Casino HoldEm

Want to play with two hands at once? Ideal for versatile and multitasking players, 2 Hand Casino Holdem is also an excellent title for players looking for new experiences. Thanks to this feature from Evolution Gaming, this live poker gives a talented player the chance to make significant gains. For connoisseurs, it is very similar to Casino Holdem Poker , but with an undeniable plus!

2 Hand Casino Holdem Mechanism

During the rounds, the dealer uses a single deck of 52 cards. Two Hand Casino Hold’Em follows the same principles as the classic Casino Hold’Em. With a 5-card hand, the player must build a hand that can beat the dealer’s. The only difference is that the player has two simultaneous hands. He can choose to conduct them simultaneously or to continue on only one. No more losing at poker after one bad hand, because Two Hand Casino Hold’Em provides two.

In addition to the two hands, the player can count on the AA bonus independently of the main game. With this kind of sidebet, the player can make more money if he is able to show a pair of Aces and more. The better the hand, the better the payout. The player’s first two face-up cards plus the three flop cards are considered in this bet. However, in order to take advantage of this bonus, you must deposit an amount equal to twice the initial bet (“Ante”).

2 Hand Casino HoldEm

Features and functions at Two Hand Casino Hold’Em

Two Hand Casino Hold’Em is a live poker game produced by Evolution Gaming from its studios in Riga, a city in Latvia. Like all the productions of the publisher, this game enjoys a pleasant environment and plays on black and silver tones.

Respecting the current canons, it is a versatile game that can be played on all terminals: smartphone, computer and tablet. It gives players a fair amount of leeway when it comes to audio and video features.

When playing Two Hand Casino Hold’Em, the player controls the quality of the video although Evolution Gaming offers live HD. Obviously, the choice of quality can be made automatically. In terms of sound, the player has control over what he wants to hear. He has the choice between listening to the dealer or listening to the sound effects of the game. He can also combine them or ignore them altogether.

Two Hand Casino Hold’Em has a live chat option. This option allows interaction around the table: between players to advise each other and comment; between the dealer and players to pace the atmosphere and make it more authentic.

And last but not least, live has licenses provided by regulatory bodies like the UK Gambling Commission or Alderney Gambling Control Commission . These licenses provide assurance that gambling is a legal activity, safe for players and impartial in terms of results.

Progress of a game

Initial bet

  • Before the cards are dealt, an initial Ante bet must be placed to participate in the game.
  • Players can bet on one or both player positions, each hand is played against the dealer’s hand.
  • Hand 1 is on the right, Hand 2 on the left.
  • An optional Bonus Side bet can be played, but you must bet double the Ante to participate.
  • This bet wins if the player’s hand forms a poker hand and it is paid even if the dealer wins the main hand.

Bet after the Flop

  • Players 1 and 2’s hand positions receive 2 face-up cards.
  • The dealer’s two cards are dealt face down.
  • After a short break, the 3 Flop cards are dealt.
  • The decision to play either hand depends on the value of the 5-card hand you are showing.
  • If you think the hand will beat the dealer or improve after the turn and river cards are dealt, then you should play the hand.
  • Otherwise, go to bed.
  • Using a gambling strategy can help you make the best gambling decision.
  • You will notice that the Bonus bet remains active even if you have folded the main hand.

The Slaughter

After the players have made their decision, the dealer deals the two remaining community cards, the Turn and the River.
At this point, all hands are compared to the dealer’s hand.
The dealer needs at least a pair of 4s in his hand to qualify. If he does not have it, Call bets are returned to the player and the Ante bet is paid according to the table below.
If the dealer’s hand qualifies and the dealer’s hand is lower than the player’s hand, the Player Wins. The Ante bet pays and the Call bet pays 1 to 1.
The player loses if the dealer’s hand qualifies and is higher than the player’s hand. Ante and Call bets are lost.
A Push occurs when the hands of the player and the dealer are exactly the same. In this case, no one wins and the Call and Ante bets are returned.

The Bonus Bet

  • Side The Side Bonus Bet is an optional bet that you can make alongside the main Ante bet.
  • The advantage of this side bet is that it pays out regardless of the outcome of the main hand.
  • As long as you have Pair of Aces or better in your hand, you will receive one of the payouts detailed in the table.

Bonus Bet in 2 Hand Hold’em Live Casino:

At the start of each round, players are required to place an initial bet, or “ante”, on one or both hands. Additionally, they have the opportunity to make a bonus bet. Payouts for initial and bonus bets depend on the winning combinations the player obtains, based on their hole cards and the flop. Here are the details :

HandAnte OddsBonus Odds
Royal flush100:1100:1
Straight Flush20:150:1
Straight or less1:1
From pair of aces to straight7:1

Guide to Playing 2 Hand Hold’em Live Casino

This innovative format of casino poker offers players a double opportunity to outperform the dealer. Play two hands simultaneously and try to outplay the dealer with one or both hands, while having the opportunity to take advantage of several side bets offered.

Fundamental Rules of 2 Hand Hold’em Live Casino

The principles governing 2 Hand Hold’em Live Casino are very similar to those of traditional Casino Hold’em. Like Hold’em poker, the best combination of five cards prevails.

Once the ante has been deposited on one or both hands, and after possibly placing two optional bonus bets, players are allocated one or two hands, each consisting of two hidden cards. The first three community cards (the flop) are subsequently revealed.

Then it is the dealer’s turn to bet. Players then have the freedom to choose to fold on one or both hands, thus forfeiting any bets made, or to call the bet on one or both hands, thus revealing the two remaining community cards. The superior hand wins the bet. If the dealer does not have a qualifying hand – at least a pair of fours – any player remaining in play will be declared the winner, regardless of their combination.

Tracked bets offer payout at 1:1 odds. As for antes and bonus bets, they can be paid with odds of up to 100:1, depending on the player’s winning combination.

The theoretical payout rate (RTJ) for 2 Hand Hold’em Live Casino is estimated at 97.84%.

Strategies to adopt in 2 Hand Casino Hold’em:

Each hand in 2 Hand Casino Hold’em is worth analyzing individually. Do not apply any fixed strategy when playing two hands simultaneously.

One of the major advantages of Live Casino Hold’em is the amount of information available to you before you place your bet.

At this point, your two hole cards are dealt, and the 3 flop cards show up. You have in front of you a poker hand made up of 5 cards. This allows you to judge whether your hand is strong, perfectible or weak.

Remember: the dealer must hold at least a pair of 4s to be in play. A pair among the community cards can put you in danger, unless you hold a high card or a third to get three of a kind.

Here are some tips to consider when betting:

  • Bet if one of your hole cards matches one on the board.
  • Bet if you have an Ace or a King as a hole card.
  • If your two hole cards outperform those of the flop, bet.
  • Bet if you hold a Queen or a Jack without the board showing a suit.
  • If you are missing just one card to get a straight or a flush, bet.
  • Give up if a pair is present on the flop, unless you have at least a Jack or if you can hope for a straight or a flush.
  • In other cases, it is better to give up.

2 Hand Casino HoldEm what Return to Player (RTP)?

  • The RTP for each player hand in 2 Hand Casino Hold’em is 97.84%.
  • The theoretical payout (based on total stake) is 99.18%.
  • The RTP for the Side Bonus Bet is 93.74%.

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2 Hand Casino Hold’Em” Frequently Asked Questions

What is “2 Hand Casino Hold’em”?

2 hand casino holdem

2 Hand Casino Hold’em is a variation of the popular Casino Hold’em poker game where players have the opportunity to play two hands at once against the house, doubling the chances of winning.

How is “2 Hand Casino Hold’em” played?

The basic mechanics are similar to traditional Casino Hold’em. However, here, players place bets on two separate hands before the cards are dealt. The rest of the game follows standard Casino Hold’em rules.

Can I place bets of different value on each hand?

Yes, in most versions players can choose to bet different amounts on each hand.

What is the advantage of playing two hands?

Playing two hands allows players to increase their chances of beating the dealer. If one hand loses, the other could win, reducing the total risk.

Is there a specific strategy for “2 Hand Casino Hold’em”?

While basic Casino Hold’em strategy remains relevant, players can also take a slightly more aggressive or conservative approach on any of the hands, depending on the face cards.

What is the special feature of this Poker?

You have 2 games on the same game to beat the dealer

What live hold’em poker variants are available?

7 variants offered by Evolution Gaming: Texas Poker Holdem, Two Hand Poker, 3 card Poker, Holdem Poker, Carribean Stud poker, Side Bet City Poker, Texas Holdem Bonus Poker

❣️What is the payout rate player RTP of live poker game?

The minimum bet is £1 and the maximum bet is £1,500, the RTP is around 97.80%.

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